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Thank you for visiting the School of Education at UNC-Chapel Hill, one of America’s top schools of education. Check out the resources below to learn more about starting your journey at the School of Education.

Why us?

Having the ability to truly impact the world requires preparation, practice, and provision. The School of Education at Carolina offers each of these things and much more.

Founded in 1877, we’ve been preparing educators and developing school leaders for more than a century. We offer students a balanced blend of conceptual clarity, theoretical dimension, and application allowing them to gain invaluable real-world experiences that extend beyond traditional educational settings.

Students experience levels of support typically available only at a small school but enjoy all the advantages of a large, world-class university.

With over 20,000 alumni we have a legacy of creating opportunities for those who share our mission of realizing equity of educational access for all learners in our pluralistic and changing society.


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