Office of Student Affairs

103 Peabody Hall
T 919.966.1346
F 919.966.1348

Recruitment, Admissions and Enrolled Student Services

T 919.843.6245, Undergraduate Admissions
T 919.966.1346, Graduate Admissions
T 919.966.1346, Post-Baccalaureate Admissions

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Anne Bryan, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Anne Bryan

T 919.962.8693
F 919.966.1348
  • Manages the Office of Student Affairs and Academic Programs
  • Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Residency for tuition purposes
  • Publication updates
  • Electronic dissertations
  • Graduation clearance (graduate/post-baccalaureate students)
  • Master's/Doctoral Comprehensive Exam policies
  • Leaves of Absence, Extension of Time to Degree, Readmission
  • Manages student listservs (graduate/post-baccalaureate students)
  • Transfer credit approval (graduate/post-baccalaureate students)
Director of Advising and Undergraduate Student Engagement
Audrey Fulton, Director of Advising and Undergraduate Student Engagement
Audrey Fulton
T 919.843.6245
F 919.966.1348
  • Provides developmental academic advising for declared undergraduate students in the HDFS major, the education minor and all undergraduate students interested in the field of education, including those interested in the BA/MAT and the early affiliate BA/MAT
  • Assists with major changes, minor add/drops and additional academic planning questions
  • Serves as a guide and resource for students as they work to navigate the completion of academic, personal and professional goals
  • Develops and facilities programing to promote undergraduate student engagement and leadership
  • Acts as a liaison to SOE faculty and departments as it relates to academic advising and student success
  • Oversees the SOE Undergraduate Student Advisory Board
Director of Recruitment
Patricia Harris, Director of Recruitment
Patricia Harris
T 919.537.3962
F 919.966.1348
  • Provides oversight for student recruitment initiatives for UNC-SOE.
  • Develops and implements annual marketing, communication, and recruitment plans.
  • Establishes collaborative strategies and programs designed to expand the pipeline of diverse candidates.
  • Cultivates and nurtures collegial relationships with constituents.
  • Engages in promotional activities and represents SOE, both on and off-campus.
  • Aids in the preparation of departmental publications.
  • Plans, organizes, and provides logistical coordination for recruitment events.
  • Creates, implements and monitors recruitment budget.
  • Prepares/oversees the preparation of departmental enrollment reports.

Licensure and Testing

Photo of Diana Lys Diana Lys
Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation and Accreditation
T 919.445.8878
  • Coordinates program requirements as they relate to licensure
  • Processes licensure documentation
  • Test score receipt