School Administration, M.S.A.

North Carolina Principal Fellows Program

A competitive, merit-based scholarship loan program that is funded by the North Carolina General Assembly, the NC Principal Fellows Program assists selected individuals to prepare for a career in school executive leadership (i.e. assistant principal or principal). Each scholarship loan provides funding for up to two years in the amount of thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) for the 1st year and the equivalent of a beginning assistant principal 10 month salary PLUS $4,100 for the 2nd year. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is an active participant in this program. Recipients receive what is referred to as a “scholarship loan.” Recipients must be willing to practice at an approved public school site in North Carolina as a full-time school executive for two years for each year of funding (four years total). Upon completion of this service, the “loan” is 100% forgiven. A candidate who does not fulfill the agreement is obligated to repay the loan in cash. This program is sponsored and operated by the UNC system’s General Administration, not by UNC-Chapel Hill.

NOTE #1 to potential applicants: There is a separate application process for this award that PRECEDES the application deadline for admission to UNC’s MSA program.

NOTE #2 to potential applicants: The full-time internship during the second year of the program provides approximately $19,000 in addition to the scholarship loan and tuition (for a second year total stipend in excess of $42,000.)

NOTE #3 to potential applicants: It is possible for an applicant to be admitted to the MSA program, but not receive a Principal Fellows award. A Principal Fellows applicant cannot, however, receive the award without being admitted to the MSA program.

Applicants who are interested in the North Carolina Principal Fellows Program should refer to the Principal Fellows website for additional information.