School Counseling, M.Ed.

Resources for Practicing School Counselors

Miscellaneous Counseling Resources

The following are additional guidance curriculum and school counselor resources that may be useful in delivering a comprehensive counseling program.

  • 2 H
    Site provides numerous on-line IQ tests, personality tests and entrepreneurial tests
  • Behavior Advisor
    Contains information and intervention ideas for many behavioral issues. It is a great resource for counselors, teachers, administrators and parents.
    Llink to the National High School Center. Website identifies research-supported improvement programs and tools to help improve secondary education. Also includes links to many other sources of educational research and information. 

  • Character Education: Free Resources, Materials, Lesson Plans
    Plans to help develop life-skills for all grade levels
  • Core Curriculum: Student Development
    K-12 Student Development Program core curriculum guide for school counselors in Orange County, Florida.
  • CounselorAudioSource.Net
    The main feature of CouselorAudioSource.Net is a weekly pod cast designed for practicing counselor's personal and professional development. The CAS Pod cast typically features a 20-40 minute interview with a practicing counselor or counselor educator on a topic relevant to the support and growth of the practicing counselor.
  • Discovery Education
    Provides lessons/activities for teachers, parents and students on health related issues and development.
  • Education World
    Offers tips and activities to counselors on issues ranging from academic, career and personal/social development.
  • Georgia Learning Connections
    Using the search engine on this website, you can enter a keyword and select a subject and grade level to access lesson plans.  For example, there are close to 100 lessons on character education topics for grades K-5.  All of the lesson plans align with the state’s objectives, ensuring that the majority of them are quality plans.
  • Guidance Channel Online
    Resources available on numerous topics (working with parents, at-risk youth, life skills, etc.) for counselors
  • Intervention Central
    Excellent ideas for academic, behavioral and motivational interventions. Be sure to check out the behavior report card generator, which makes customized behavior contracts stated in positive terms. A great resource for counselors and teachers!
  • Julia Taylor's School Counseling Resources
    Contains links to resources for elementary, middle and high school counselors. Also contains links to resources for parents, bullying, college and careers, and articles relating to school counseling.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter
    Online personality test, complete with a brief analysis of results.
  • Learning Disabilities Online
    Provides a wealth of information about learning disabilities. Offers suggestion for ways that professionals can advocate for such students.
    Provides links to lesson plans and activities for numerous counseling activities.
  • Library in the Sky
    Database of educational websites. Searches allow user to find plans and information on various topics
  • Library Learning Center - School Counseling and Psychology
    Contains resources beyond lesson plans, including information on school counseling, professional organizations, etc. The lesson plan section includes links to several different sites, all of which have a variety of quality classroom guidance plans for school counselors.
  • MDRC
    Social policy research organization that runs large scale evaluations of public policies and programs. Two areas of focus by MDRC include public K-12 education and higher education. 

  • Miscellaneous Lesson Plans
    Database of activities and plans on counseling issues such as friendship skills and conflict management.
  • National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth
    Free information that will help you support young people and families. You will find information about youth and family issues for young people and students, parents and community members, and youth service professionals and policy makers.
  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
  • National Technology Institute for School Counselors - Guidance Web Links
    A very large list of very useful Internet resources.
  • NC Standard Course of Study - Guidance
    Serves as a curriculum terminal from which you can travel to specific goals and objectives based on discipline and grade level.
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
    Agency charged with implementing the State's public school laws and the State Board of Education's policies and procedures governing pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public education.
    Sponsored by EduQuest and provides professional resources for School Counselors.
  • School Mental Health Project/Center for Mental Health in Schools (UCLA)
  • School Counselor Reference
    Lesson/activity plans and intervention techniques for school counselors at all levels.
  • Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
    U.S. Department of Education. Provides valuable and maneuverable links to special needs children, program development and implementation.
    Provides lesson plans on all different counseling and guidance topics. Sorted by grade level.
  • The Center for Public Education
    Database for educational research on current issues in education. Topics currently covered included: class size, English language learning, dropout, homework, standardized testing, pre-K and more. 

  • The Educator's Reference Desk
    This collections contains more than 2000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States and the world.
  • The Platinum Rule
    An informal survey to determine how the user typically interacts with others, assesses interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding Counseling Education - Gang Colors
    Offers counseling tips for working with students who may be involved in gang activity.
  • What Works Clearinghouse
    Database of educational research surrounding contemporary educational issues. Topics currently covered by WWC include: literacy, character education, dropout prevention, early childhood education, mathematics in elementary and middle schools and English language learning.