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UNC-Chapel Hill believes all admitted students can thrive in college, graduate, and grow into lifelong learners.

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What is Thrive@Education?

The Thrive@Education curriculum is a collection of new and long-standing courses for undergraduate students designed to help them be successful at Carolina and beyond. Courses are taught by Education faculty, Student and Academic Affairs and campus professionals, as well as talented doctoral students. There is no application process and courses are open to all undergraduate students. Courses include a broad survey course with learning and well-being that connects to UNC resources for first year students (EDUC 190), to courses on career development (EDUC 131, 132), as well as upper level undergraduate courses with in-depth content on well-being (EDUC 231) and learning (EDUC 330, 387). We also offer specifically designed courses to help transfer students (EDUC 301) and others succeed on campus (EDUC 130).


Promote UNC-CH undergraduate student success and well-being

Strengthen, deepen and systematize our School of Education engagement with the campus-wide efforts of Thrive@Carolina

Course Options

New 2018-2019 Pilot Course
EDUC 190: Special Topics in Education - First Year Thriving
2 Credits, Letter Grade, Gen Ed: Pending

The course will introduce students to the scholarship on academic and personal transitions and potential paths for thriving at a liberal arts institution. We will bridge contemporary research in learning science, as well as emerging adulthood, cultural competence, positive psychology and more. The research will be applied to enable students to explore UNC-CH campus resources and practice high impact strategies. Students will acquire the knowledge and skill to increase self-awareness and self-advocacy to maximize their experiences in the classroom and in the Carolina community.

In addition to the core First Year Thriving course, these additional courses offer unique opportunities for more in-depth study of core learning, career, transition, and thriving content.

EDUC 231: Thrive@Carolina and Beyond
3 Credits, Letter Grade, Gen Ed: SS, CI

Learn about the science of thriving and strengths-based strategies for young adult development. The course will bridge contemporary literature on positive psychology (e.g., hope, optimism), developmental assets, resiliency, cultural competence, engagement/connectedness, positive youth development, and more. In particular, learn and work on thriving as a student at UNC-Chapel Hill.

EDUC 330: The Science of Learning
3 Credits, Letter Grade, Gen Ed: SS

Students study several facets of learning in the modern world, and investigate what scholarship in cognitive psychology, educational psychology, and the learning sciences can do to help us maximize that learning.


Transition courses are challenging, credit-bearing courses developed for students during key transitional periods of the undergraduate experience. These courses are offered by the School of Education in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Retention in the College of Arts and Sciences and Thrive@Carolina.

Photo of Omar Simpson
Omar Simpson
Counselor and Transition Course Coordinator
EDUC 130: Navigating the Research University
1 Credit, Letter Grade

This course will provide students with knowledge to succeed at a research university. Students will consider what it means to have a liberal arts education and will learn about motivation, resiliency, and self-advocacy. Students will reflect on their current work toward academic success and their path to graduation.

EDUC 301: Junior Transfer Seminar - Thriving in Transition
3 Credits, Letter Grade, Gen Ed: SS, EE-Fieldwork

Course challenges students to think critically about educational issues as they transition to a research university. Through readings, videos and activities, students explore the value of higher education, the development of intelligence, and the role of habit and happiness in college success. Students also conduct and present original qualitative research.


Career courses are offered for all students in a developmental sequence to progress through career exploration and planning. The courses are offered through the School of Education in partnership with University Career Services.

Photo of Gary Miller
Gary Miller
Director of University Career Services
EDUC 131: Career Exploration
1 Credit, Pass/Fail

EDUC 131, Career Exploration is a one hour Pass/Fail course offered to first and second year undergraduate students. The course is designed to help students choose and plan for their majors and career paths. It is offered through the School of Education and taught by Career Counselors from University Career Services.

EDUC 132: Career Planning
1 Credit, Pass/Fail

This course is designed for juniors and seniors who are preparing to embark on their post-Carolina job search. Students will learn how to develop the necessary tools and skills required to execute an effective job search.


Tutoring courses are available to students who receive high grades in the classes they wish to tutor and wish to be trained in effective tutoring strategies prior to working with students. Tutors are supervised by instructors throughout the semester. The courses are offered through the School of Education in partnership with the Learning Center.

Photo of Kimberly Abels
Kimberly Abels
Director of The Learning Center
EDUC 387: Peer Tutoring
3 Credits, Pass/Fail
May be repeated for credit. 6 total credits. 2 total completions. Gen Ed: EE.

Peer Tutoring is an APPLES service-learning course that provides undergraduates the opportunity to serve fellow students through tutoring. Tutors must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. Interested students must apply to be a peer tutor to enroll in the course.Click here to apply.

Advisory Boards

Student Advisory Board

  • Larissa Burke

    Junior, Anthropology
  • Ronald Harris, Jr.

    Senior, Psychology
  • Emily Hillard

    Junior, Education
  • Aliyah Jordan

    Senior, Exercise and Sports Science
  • Taylor Koenen

    Junior, Undecided
  • Daniel Ligons

    Junior, Communications
  • Ashton Martin

    Sophomore, Political Science and Exercise and Sport Science
    Academic Affairs Chair, Undergraduate Student Government
  • Bonnie Opdyke

    Junior, Nutrition
  • Bekah Pounds

    Junior, Psychology
  • Olivia Smith

    Senior, Business Administration
  • Stacy Simmons

    Junior, Biology
  • Jacob Thomas

    Senior, Computer Science

Faculty/Staff Advisory Board

  • Cheryl Bolick

    Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, Education Minor School of Education
  • Debbi Clarke

    Consultant to the Provost
  • Rudi Collored-Mansfeld

    Senior Associate Dean for Social Sciences and Global Programs, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Robert J. Duronio

    Professor; Director of the Integrative Program for Biological and Genome Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences/Medical School
  • Audrey Fulton

    Director of Advising and Undergraduate Student Engagement, School of Education
  • Jeff Greene

    Associate Dean and Professor, School of Education
  • Shauna Harris

    Student Life and Leadership
  • Corey Holliday

    Associate Athletic Director
  • Jennifer Mallen

    Director, New Student and Family Programs
  • Robert Martinez

    Assistant Professor, School of Education
  • Gary Miller

    Director of University Career Services
  • Abigail Panter

    Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education


Photo of Dr. Patrick Akos
Dr. Patrick Akos
Director of Thrive@Education

Contact for questions about the program or courses. (919) 843-4758
Photo of Rachel Winters
Rachel Winters
Administrative Support Specialist

Contact for registration or administrative issues. (919) 962-6025