Post-Baccalaureate Praxis and School Leadership Licensure Assessment Information
Lateral Entry, Licensure Only, Licensure Add-on

Praxis II Information

Attention all Post-Baccalaureate (Lateral Entry and Licensure Only) Students Registering for Praxis:

UNC will no longer be receiving electronic scores directly from ETS stored in an in-house database. Consequently, we will no longer accept paper copies of scores. We will, however, be using the ETS Data Manager to access your score reports. When registering for your test(s), you must indicate UNC-Chapel Hill as a score recipient. Select institution code 5816. This is the only way for your score to be accessible to School of Education staff. Our access is required for licensure recommendations to NCDPI. Without access to your score, your licensure application will be delayed.

If you do not select UNC-Chapel Hill as a score recipient at registration time, you do have the option of adding it at the test center by completing a ticket correction form and adding code 5816, or you can call 1-800-772-9476 and ask that your code to be added to the order. NOTE: If your scores have already reported, you must pay $40.00 for an additional score report.

Please direct any questions you have to

Current State Board Approved Praxis II Tests