How to Apply & Deadlines

Graduate Admissions - Supplemental Instructions
School Counseling, M.Ed.


The faculty encourages prospective students from diverse backgrounds to apply. It is the goal of the School Counseling Program to recruit a student body that is representative of our diverse society and that can promote academic, career, and personal/social development of all students.

Statement of Purpose

A major criterion in the admission process is the applicant's statement of purpose describing his/her commitment to working with children and youth in a school setting. It should include why the applicant is applying to the UNC-CH program specifically. Applicants need to indicate in the statement of purpose, which is included in the online application, the level of counseling they most would like to work with: elementary, middle or high school.


Applicants must also submit a resume which must include a list of experiences working with children, such as jobs and volunteer efforts, along with the duration of each experience. Additional consideration will be given to applicants with counseling-related experience and/or experience working with diverse children and youth, and to applicants who have experience working in or with schools.


Applicants who are considered to be finalists for admission to the program will be asked to complete a personal interview with the faculty. Interviews are scheduled on selected Fridays in January and February. In the event an applicant cannot travel to Chapel Hill for a face-to-face interview, a telephone interview will be scheduled.

For additional information concerning the School Counseling program, contact:

Letter of Acceptance

After students are admitted to the program they will receive an official letter of acceptance from the Graduate School. Although that letter will state that the starting date for the program is the beginning of the first summer session, the program will actually begin at the end of May. A representative of the program will contact applicants by email about the exact starting date with further information. Therefore, it is essential that a current email address and telephone number be included in the application materials.