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Equipment Reservation and Checkout Policy

Equipment reservation and checkout is a privilege provided by the School of Education for its faculty, staff, and graduate students.  Please observe these guidelines when requesting these items from Technology Services:


Please Note: This is a static listing, therefore it does not reflect current availability.

Making a Reservation

For questions related to equipment checkout or to make a reservation, please start the process by submitting a "Checkout" Help Request

Note: Only SOE faculty, staff and graduate students are permitted to checkout equipment. Special exceptions are made occasionally if a member of the SOE faculty or staff is willing to sign for the equipment.

Checkout Guidelines

  • The normal checkout period for the equipment is limited to three (3) business days. Special exceptions are made occasionally for faculty traveling to conferences or other work-related events.
  • Before an item may be checked out, the borrower, with assistance from a Technology Services staff member, must fill out a Circulating Equipment Checkout Form.
  • By signing a Circulating Equipment Checkout Form, a borrower agrees to the following:
    • To assume full financial responsibility for the equipment issued to the borrower for the time that it is checked out to the borrower.
    • To be personally responsible for all damages or destruction to, or loss of, said equipment.
    • To agree to pay the University of North Carolina a replacement charge plus a processing fee for damage to or the loss of the equipment and accessories issued to the borrower up to a maximum of $2,000.00 (based on actual replacement or repair cost). These charges will be subject to the same collection procedures that are used for fines or fees for damaged or lost library materials (charges will be added to the borrower’s UNC account, payable at the Cashier’s office).
    • To report any damage, destruction or loss of the equipment to the School of Education Technology Services unit no later than the beginning of the next workday following the knowledge of such damage, destruction or loss.

Return Procedure

When the equipment is returned to Technology Services:

  • A Technology Services staff member will make a cursory examination of the equipment, checking for broken screens, missing items and any other highly noticeable damage. 
  • If the borrower would like to request that a full exam is performed at the time of return, the borrower must schedule a time for the return at the time of equipment pickup. 
  • All other full exams will be performed at the Technology Services staff member's discretion. 
  • If an item is damaged, a Technology Services staff member will contact the borrower and ask for him or her to meet with a member of Technology Services to discuss the damage and payment for the damaged equipment, if necessary.