Faculty Executive Council

The School of Education adopted an Executive Council and Faculty Chair governance structure on April 20, 2011 to coordinate the work of the school. The elected Faculty Chair leads a group of appointed and elected representatives to set the agenda and priorities for full faculty meetings. The Executive Council will appoint committees, make decisions, and act on policy except as limited by university faculty code.

Patricia M. Spillane, Executive Assistant, provides administrative support for Faculty Executive Council and full faculty meetings.

Faculty Executive Council Members

Photo of Dana Griffin

Dana Griffin

Photo of Harriet Able

Harriet Able
Learning, Development & Psychological Sciences
(LDPS), area chair

Photo of Cheryl Bolick

Cheryl Bolick
Culture, Curriculum & Teacher Education CCATE, area chair

Photo of Eric Houck

Eric Houck
Associate Professors' representative

Photo of Ethan Hutt

Ethan Hutt
Assistant Professors' representative

Photo of Allison LaGarry

Allison LaGarry
Clinical Professors’ representative

Photo of Xue Rong

Xue Rong
Professors' representative

Photo of Matt Springer

Matt Springer
Educational Policy, Organization & Leadership (EPOL), area chair

Ex-Officio Members

Photo of Fouad Abd-El-Khalick

Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
Professor & Dean

Photo of Jeff Greene

Jeff Greene
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies

Photo of Jill Hamm

Jill Hamm
"Associate Dean for
Research & Faculty Development"

Photo of Anne Bryan

Anne Bryan
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Photo of Diana Lys

Diana Lys
Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation and Accreditation

Photo of Leslie Deslis

Leslie Deslis
Assistant Dean for Development

Photo of David Churchill

David Churchill
Assistant Dean of Finance & Operations

Patricia Spillane
Executive Assistant for the Dean
provides administrative support