Student Positions

Graduate Student Assistantships

Graduate student assistantships are paid positions offered on the basis of skills and qualifications of the applicant. Students may hold assistantships in the School of Education or in other schools and departments of the University. Each assistantship is separately administered by the funding school/department. Students may be enrolled full- or part-time during the term of the award.

Qualified graduate students may be considered for assistantship positions by program coordinators, faculty committees or principal investigators of grants. At present, only a limited number of assistantships in the School of Education are available.

Please contact your program coordinator for information on available assistantships. The Office of Student Affairs does not have information about specific jobs.

Teaching Assistantships

The recommended criteria for students obtaining a teaching assistantship are the following:

  1. a major in the content area;
  2. knowledge of the public school systems and how they function;
  3. ability to communicate clearly and effectively with students in an instructional role; and
  4. three years of experience in teaching with an emphasis in the particular area of methodology (for student teaching supervision).

Research Assistantships

Students awarded research assistantships possess the following characteristics: an ability to work with a research team; an interest in research and evaluation; knowledge of research methodology; and knowledge of and skill in the use of computers. Students work in one of two areas during their assistantship: research and evaluation in teacher education or on specific esearch grants.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants are chosen for possessing the following qualities: the ability to learn procedures quickly in an office setting; skill in typing, filing, and other general office tasks; good communication skills and ability to communicate well with faculty, students, staff, and the general public; and, for some positions, knowledge of and skill in computer use and applications and diting and proofreading skills.

This type of assistantship consists of more general office work. Some possible positions include general assistants for program or project offices.