Office of Administration and Finance

106 Peabody Hall
F 919.843.2614

John F. Plummer Jr.
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
T 919.966.7002

Judy Perry
Accounting Manager
T 919.843.0697

Karren Crawford
Accounting Technician
T 919.843.8926

Sharon Glasgow
Human Resources Manager
T 919.843.4565

Gabriela "Gaby" Hernandez
Human Resources Specialist
T 919.843.8595

UNC Office of Human Resources

Ann Pittard
Benefits Specialist
T 919.962.6275

Angenette McAdoo
Employee & Management Relations
T 919.962.9638

Sara Reese
Employment & Staffing Specialist
T 919.843.2432

Cookie Dais
Classification & Compensation Specialist
T 919.843.9884