Office of the Dean

101 Peabody Hall
T 919.966.7000
F 919.962.1533


Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
T 919.966.1356
F 919.962.1533

Anne Bryan
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
T 919.962.8693
F 919.966.1348

David Churchill
Assistant Dean for Finance & Operations
T 919.966.7002

Leslie Deslis
Assistant Dean for Development
T 919.843.9277
F 919.843.5681

Jeff Greene
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies
T 919.966.2436
F 919.962.1533

Jill Hamm
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
T 919.966.7395
F 919.843.2614

Diana Lys
Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation and Accreditation
T 919.445.8878
F 919.962.1533

Administrative Support Staff of the Deans' Office

Deneshia Anderson
Research Coordinator
T 919.962.7072

Patricia Spillane
Executive Assistant for the Dean
T 919.966.1356
F 919.962.1533

Caroline Weaver
Executive Assistant for Jeff Greene and Jill Hamm
T 919.966.2436
F 919.962.1533