Academic Committee Chairs & Program Coordinators Directory

Academic Committees

Area Chair
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies Jeff Greene
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development Jill Hamm


Academic Programs

Program Coordinator
Undergraduate Programs  
Pre-MAT Program Kristin Papoi
Human Development and Family Studies Helyne Frederick
K-12 Music Education Dan Huff
UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching - UNC-BEST (Grades 9-12); B.A., B.S. Jennifer Coble
Minor in Education Cheryl Mason Bolick
Master's Degree Programs  
Master of Arts (M.A.) Programs  
Master of Arts in Teaching, M.A.T. Kristin Papoi
MA in Educational Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (MEITE) Kelly Ryoo
Master of Education (M.Ed.) Programs
Master of Education For Experienced Teachers, M.Ed. Harriet Able
School Counseling, M.Ed. Meghan Walter
Master of School Administration (M.S.A.) Programs
   On-Campus Martinette Horner
   Off-Campus Flex Martinette Horner
Doctoral Degree Programs  
Doctor of Education (Ed.D. or Ed.S.) Degree Programs  
Educational Leadership, Ed.D. or Ed.S. Eric Houck
Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D. Janice Anderson
Education, Ph.D.  
   Culture, Curriculum and Teacher Education (CCTE) Jim Trier
   Applied Developmental Sciences and Special Education (ADSSE) Harriet Able
   Cultural Studies and Literacies (CSL) Lynda Stone
   Learning Development and Psychological Sciences (LDPS) Keith Sawyer
   Educational Policy, Organization & Leadership (EPOL) Thad Domina
School Psychology, Ph.D. Steve Knotek
Add-on Licensure Programs  
Birth-Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten Harriet Able
School Administration Martinette Horner
Educational Specialist, Ed.S. (Educational Leadership) Eric Houck