International Programs

Student Teaching in Hamburg, Germany

Every year, a group of student teachers at the UNC School of Education completes their student teaching in Germany, doing a four-week internship in public schools in Hamburg.

A metropolis of 1.8 million, the city of Hamburg has a rich and dynamic past. It has a spectacular diversity of cultural offerings, among them countless museums, a wonderful zoo, and one of the biggest harbors in the world, as well as myriad opportunities to experience life in a large German city.

The UNC student teaching abroad program is open to all student teachers. As part of your study, you will do ten weeks of full time teaching in North Carolina (January-March) and complete the remaining four weeks (April) in a bilingual public school in Hamburg. While on location you will be placed in an English language-speaking classroom at the appropriate grade level (Pre-K, Elementary, Middle or Secondary). In childcare facilities, there are two teachers in the classroom, one of whom only speaks English with the children. A bilingual cooperating teacher will support and advise you for the entire program. You will observe classroom instruction in English according to your subject, teach some lessons on your own, and provide insights to American life to students learning English. You will learn about life in the host country, experience the culture, and network with professional educators.

Together with German student teachers, who will have completed an internship in Chapel Hill a month prior, you will participate in a seminar at the University of Hamburg, where you will reflect on your experiences in the classroom. You will be assigned a German student as buddy who will show you around in Hamburg and help you familiarize yourself with the city.

You will live with an English-speaking family where you also can pick up some everyday German. Three meals are provided every day. There is convenient public transportation to the student teaching sites and to downtown Hamburg. 
Planned excursions are part of the program: a boat tour through the port of Hamburg, a sightseeing trip in downtown Hamburg, and a weekend trip to Berlin.

Dates: May 27 - June 24, 2017.

For more information and to apply, please go to the Study Abroad website or contact:

Caroline Weaver, Executive Assistant to the Dean


Deborah Eaker-Rich, Senior Associate Dean

And here you will find reports on the experience of previous participants.