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M.A.T. student Matt Hughes representing N.C. at Democratic Convention

If you’re watching the Democratic National Convention on television, you may want to keep an eye out for M.A.T. student Matt Hughes.

The Daily Tar Heel spotted him there, and put him on the front page of Wednesday’s edition.

Hughes is representing North Carolina as one of 158 state delegates to the party’s convention in Charlotte. Hughes, who has been active in Democratic Party activities in the Chapel Hill area for several years, was elected earlier this year as chair of the Orange County Democratic Party.

Hughes, 21, told the DTH that he is enjoying the convention, describing it as providing the excitement of “prom times 10.”

“Being a delegate at the age of 21 is a pretty amazing feat, I think,” he said. Hughes, who was a N.C. Teaching Fellow who obtained his bachelor’s degree in political science from Carolina in May, said he was used to feeling like the youngest person in the room when it came to political activism: “(Now) I have peers with me to experience this.”

In addition to his duties as a delegate to the convention, Hughes was chosen to be one of the state’s 15 electors if President Barack Obama wins North Carolina’s Electoral College votes in November.