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Kirsten Edwards chosen for Phi Beta Kappa

Photo of Kirsten Edwards

Kirsten Edwards

Kirsten Edwards, a senior from Hendersonville who is majoring in Middle Grades Education, has been chosen to join the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

Edwards will be inducted into the Alpha of North Carolina Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa later this month on Nov. 22.

Edwards, who transferred to Carolina from Meredith, said she has enjoyed studying in the School of Education.

“I like the environment here,” she said, adding that the Middle Grades Education program is small enough to be comfortable but with enough students to create vitality and diversity.

Edwards is student teaching at Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill, where she is teaching science to eighth-graders. The unit she’s now working on? Chemistry.

“I try to make it as hands-on as possible,” Edwards said. “I try to break it down into parts and to make sure it applies to real life.”

She said she has her students read articles about chemistry research being done at UNC and other local universities to demonstrate to them the sort of work that is being done in their own community.

Edwards said she plans to be a middle school science teacher, and hopes to find a job in the Chapel Hill area after graduation.