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School initiates undergraduates into Kappa Delta Pi

The School of Education’s chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, the 90-year-old international honor society for outstanding undergraduate students in education, welcomed 45 new initiates April 16, 2008. Eligibility requirements include at least a 3.4 grade point average and a strong record of leadership and service.

Andrea Peterson, the 2007 National Teacher of the Year, addressed the initiates and their guests. She shared some of her personal experiences in teaching, including both struggles and triumphs, and emphasized the importance of forming good relationships in the classroom.

Professor Barbara Day, faculty advisor to Kappa Delta Pi, articulated that the ideals of Kappa Delta Pi, including the belief that human beings can experience more meaningful lives through education.

The following officers were named for 2008-09, based on grade point average:

President: Nicole Sorge

Vice President: Hope Kilgo

Secretary: Karen Knox

Treasurer: Angela Perzinski

Historian: Shannon Sprouse

The newly inducted members of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education are:

Elizabeth Margaret Anderson

Luke Thomas Baldelli

Laura Elizabeth Barkley

Eva Marsh Baucom

Kathryn Rose Benton

Jean F. Billman

Melinda Ann Bowman

Brooke Ann Cashion

Katherine Ann Ciccarelli

Laura Marie Cline

Anna Kathryne DeLoach

Hannah Michelle Everhart

Sarah Catherine Fox

Jennifer Marie Gaulding

Morgan Hall

Tiffany Johlynn Harrelson

Caitlin Marie Herrion

Anna Louise Holleman

Carla Aurora Horta

Jennifer Elizabeth Keith

Shannon Lindsey Kelly

Melanie Hope Kilgo

Lauren Helen Kirkman

Karen Grace Knox

Emily Christine Kochy

Allison Faye Livingston

Mackensie Ann Malkemes

Ashley Doretha Malpass

Caroline McQuaid

Stephanie N. Morgan

Elisabeth M. Pascale

Stacy Justine Patterson

Alison Rae Pattishall

Angela Leigh Perzinski

Ashley Paige Rogers

Nicole Carolyn Sorge

Shannon Loraine Sprouse

Ashley Christina Stewart

Paige Stewart

Ashley Danielle Stover

Sarah Ann Taylor

Kristin Rebecca Toms

Rebecca Bonham West

Alison Whalen

Mollie Day Whalen