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Amber Jackson receives 2006 ASCA Foundation Scholarship, one of 10 nationwide

Amber Jackson, a master’s student in the School Counseling program, has been named one of 10 recipients nationwide to receive the 2006 American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Foundation Scholarship. The purpose of the $1,000 scholarships is to help school counseling students fulfill their educational goals.

A committee of counselor educators from around the country selected the winners based on their academic achievement, letters of recommendation and an essay on school counselor accountability. In her essay titled “The Three Levels of School Counselor Accountability,” Jackson states that many educators view school counselors as merely “extra staff.”  To correct this mind-set, she cites the need for school counselors to demonstrate accountability for their interventions on individual, departmental and professional levels.

“By increasing and improving methods of evaluation and accountability,” Jackson writes, “school counselors on individual, departmental and professional levels can collaborate to convince decision makers of the importance of devoting time not only to schedules, transcripts and other auxiliary duties within the schools, but to offering comprehensive and direct services to all students.”

With a membership of more than 20,000 school counseling professionals, ASCA focuses on providing professional development, enhancing school counseling programs and researching effective school counseling practices.  ASCA is a division of the American Counseling Association.