Student News

Stephanie Atkinson graduates with highest honors

Stephanie Rebecca Atkinson, a senior in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, will graduate May 13, 2007 with highest honors. Her thesis topic is “Elementary teachers and girls: The need to build school efficacy.”

According to Atkinson, elementary teachers have a unique opportunity to build a sense of school efficacy in girls before they experience the significant setbacks that are seen in middle and high schools. Atkinson’s thesis reviews the literature and history behind the discussion of girls' efficacy, identifies contemporary categories used to discuss girls' achievement and describes the types of efficacy that girls need. Finally, the thesis concludes with a discussion of what elementary teachers can do to help girls develop a sense of school efficacy.

Atkinson is an elementary education major from Durham, N.C. She is moving to Seattle this summer to teach in an elementary school and eventually plans on pursuing a graduate degree in the education field.