Student News

Kristin Post receives Rotary Fellowship,
will study in Brisbane, Australia

Kristin Post, a master’s student in culture, curriculum and change, has received a two-year Rotary World Peace Fellowship to study in Australia. Beginning in February 2007, Post will earn a degree in peace and conflict studies from the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

The fellows, who represent approximately 30 nationalities, will study for two years at six Rotary Centers for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution. Together, UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University are home to one of only two centers in the United States; the other is at the University of California, Berkeley.

The fellowship covers tuition, room, board and travel expenses, with additional funds available for a summer internship. Rotary International chose 60 fellows from a pool of 175 applicants.

Post said she became interested in international politics when she joined the Junior United Nations club at Charles E. Jordan High School in Durham, N.C. She graduated from Jordan in 1991, and from UNC-Chapel Hill, with a bachelor's degree in English, in 1995.

Post then traveled for a year, visiting 21 countries including China, Egypt, England, France, India, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand and Vietnam. She concluded that many Americans have a sheltered exposure to different ways of life, even though different cultures are represented within the United States.

"When you're working with different cultures, it's important to know how you are similar, and from there to understand how to get through conflict or disagreements," she said.

Post will receive her Master of Arts degree from the School of Education in December 2006. In her master’s thesis, conducted under the direction of Neikirk Distinguished Professor George Noblit, Post is examining charter schools in North Carolina.

After completing her study in Australia, Post intends to return to the United States and found a charter school based on the principals of global education and conflict resolution.

"I certainly love other countries, and I love living in other countries," she said. "But there's work to be done here."