Student News

Mark Ellis, Samantha Burg, Tate Gould, Rita L. Joyner, Patricia Sylvester Recognized for Research Paper

Mark Ellis, Samantha Burg, Tate Gould, Rita Joyner and Patricia Sylvester, Ph.D. students in the School of Education, won the 2004 Marvin Wyne Distinguished Student Paper Award from the N.C. Association for Research in Education, for their paper titled “Examining Middle School Students’ Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics.” 

All papers presented by students at NCARE were eligible for this award. 

These students work with the MIDDLE Research Project, an initiative to study the ways middle school students understand mathematics and think of themselves as mathematics learners when their curriculum is based on the learning sets as recommended by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  School of Education Professors Carol Malloy, Jill Hamm and Judith Meece direct the MIDDLE Project. 

The award is named for Marvin Wyne, who was a professor of special education at the School of Education for 20 years, until his death in 1987.