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HDFS Orientation, 4 p.m., Unks Lecture Hall (Room 104)


GradQuip event, 4:30 p.m., Student Union 3201

Heba Ledwon, 5 p.m. Peabody Hall, Room 203

MEITE student hosting program on Tuesday to help students explore graduate school options

Undergraduate students, especially those in under-represented groups, interested in graduate school are invited to an event to help them learn about their options. Daniel Dinkens, a student in the Master’s in Educational Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, is hosting the event designed to help undergraduate students explore graduate school. Dinkens, through an internship in the MEITE program, has designed a program called “GradQuip” that helps students learn about grad school options and make informed decisions about them. The first test event for GradQuip will be held April 2 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Student Union, Room 3201. Pizza will be served.

Guest speaker Heba Ledwon to talk on Tuesday about refugee education

Heba Ledwon from Kiron, a worldwide organization for open higher education access for refugees, will speak on April 2 about refugee access to higher education, specifically focusing on refugees in Germany and digital learning opportunities. Ledwon’s talk – entitled “Refugee Access to Higher Education Through Digital Innovations” – will be held at 5 p.m. in Peabody Hall’s Room 203.

Publications, presentations, recent grant awards, etc.

Faculty members are noted in bold, graduate students/recent graduates with underline.

Lora Cohen-Vogel (2019) Civic Education and the Paradox of Political Participation, Peabody Journal of Education, 94:1, 1-3, DOI: 10.1080/0161956X.2019.1553583

Garrett-Peters, P. T., Mokrova, I. L., Carr, R. C., Vernon-Feagans, L., & The Family Life Project Key Investigators (2019, March 25). Early Student (Dis)Engagement: Contributions of Household Chaos, Parenting, and Self-Regulatory Skills. Developmental Psychology. Advance online publication.

Reyes, M., & Domina, T.(2019). Amixed-methods study: Districts’ implementation of language classification policies and the implications for male, Hispanic, and low-income middle school students. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 27(30).

Diana Lys, assistant dean for educator preparation and accreditation, served as an invited panel at the Spring 2019 CAEP Conference in Denver, CO on March 19, 2019.

AERA Participation

Following is a list of UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education-affiliated scholars participating at the American Educational Research Association’s 2019 Annual Meeting:

Governance Sessions

AERA 2018–2019 Council Meeting. Lora A. Cohen-Vogel.

AERA Executive Director and Division Vice Presidents: Closed Meeting. Lora A. Cohen-Vogel.

AERA Government Relations Committee: Closed Meeting. Lora A. Cohen-Vogel.

AERA Open Business Meeting. Lora A. Cohen-Vogel.

Consortium of University and Research Institutions Executive Committee: Closed Meeting. Fouad S. Abd-El-Khalick.

Business Meetings

Division L Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony.

Officer: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel.

Coordinated Sessions

Formative Assessment in the Disciplines: Advances in Theory and Practice.

Chair: Gregory J. Cizek

New Conceptualizations of Formative Assessment in the Disciplines. Gregory J. Cizek

Detecting and Managing Testing Irregularities.

Discussant: Gregory J. Cizek

Invited Speaker Session

Division L Vice-Presidential Address and Panel. Developments in Education Policy Research: Building a Scholarship of Improvement. Lora A. Cohen-Vogel.

Teacher Political Engagement in the Age of Janus and Trump.

Chair: Thurston Domina

Triennial Travesties 2019.

Ode to Errors: How Do I Still Have a Job? Gregory J. Cizek

Journal Talks

Journal Talks 6.

The Urban Review. Sherick A. Hughes.

Paper Sessions

Collegiate Environments and Student Learning.

Academic Coaching: Assessing a Higher Education Intervention Within a Self-Regulated Learning Framework. Melissa McWilliams, Cynthia Demetriou, A.T. Panter.

Early Childhood Education and the Transition to Kindergarten

Explaining Pre-K Fade-Out? Content Coverage Redundancy in Pre-K and Kindergarten. Lora A. Cohen-Vogel, Margaret R. Burchinal, James Sadler.

Impacts of Early Childhood Interventions.

Elementary School Context and the Long-Term Impacts of North Carolina's Pre-Kindergarten Program. Robert C. Carr, Ellen S. Peisner-Feinberg, Irina L. Mokrova.

Community Arts: Partnerships Across Perspectives.

Community Portraits as Transformative Pedagogy: Examining Preservice Teachers' Positioning Through a Month-Long Arts-Integrated Project. Sarah Byrne Bausell, Kristin Papoi.

Explorations of Parents', Teachers', and Students' Attitudes and Ideologies Toward Languages in Schools.

Do Parents' Perspectives on Bilingualism Vary According to Their Children's Attendance in Dual Language Programs? Wenyang Sun, Xue Lan Rong.

Stakeholder Perspectives on Race and Racism.

Parenting in an Era of Renewed Racism and Racial Discord. Amber T. Majors, Dana Griffin.

Computerized Adaptive Testing: New Directions and Opportunities.

Using Off-Grade Items in Adaptive Testing: When Is It Appropriate? James Cunningham.

Critical Race Theory.

Teaching for and Against: A Lat-Crit Examination of Social Justice Teaching. Brian C. Gibbs.

Engagement With Immigrant, ELL, and Refugee Families.

Leveraging Navigational Capital: Strengthening Family-School-Community Connections in Chinese and Spanish Heritage Language Programs. Wenyang Sun.

Engaging the Multiple Assets of Students and Families.

A Comparative Longitudinal Approach on Academic Self-Concept and Academic Achievement of Students From Multicultural Families. Danbi Choe.

Increasing Racial Diversity in Higher Education: A Look at Attitudes and Impacts of College Admission Policies and Practices.

The Importance of Diversity to the College Choice Process. Jerry Jameel Wilson, James Samuel Carter, III.

Novel Approaches to Sport and Education Research.

Discussant: Erianne Weight

Parents and Families.

A Seat at the Table: Social Capital and the Racial Stratification of Parent Involvement. Brittany Chevon Murray.

Perspectives on Early Childhood Assessment.

Teaching to the Test in K–2: It's Not Just for Standardized Tests Anymore. Heather H Aiken.

Polarization and Epistemic Divides.

Analyzing the Normative Grounds of Recent Calls for Greater "Intellectual" Diversity on Campus. Daniel P. Gibboney Jr.

Power Analysis in Multilevel Modeling.

Power Analysis of Moderation Effects in Multisite Randomized Trials. Nianbo Dong.

Science Teaching and Learning SIG Paper Session: Literacy and Discourse.

Collaborative Science Discourse: Student-Generated Questions and Dialogic Argumentation. Lana Marie Minshew

Self-Regulated Learning in Postsecondary Education Settings.

Impact of a Retrieval Practice Intervention on Undergraduates' Monitoring and Control Processes Using Feedback. Matthew L. Bernacki.

Still Persistent, Still Pervasive: Race and Racism in American Schooling.

A New Commonsense: Teachers Face Race and the South in Lesson Design. Christoph Stutts.

Teacher Discourse, Reflection, and Noticing as Windows Into Teacher Learning.

Processes and Outcomes of Transcript Play as Professional Development. Sarah Byrne Bausell.

Technology Integration in Mathematics Teaching and Learning.

Chair: Matthew L. Bernacki.

Poster Session

Research on Science Teaching and Learning Poster Session 1.

Examining the Impact of a Science Curriculum: Establishing Causality Without a Comparison Group. Kerry Ann Bartlett, Molly Ewing, Janice L. Anderson, Kelly Johnson Barber-Lester.

Epistemic and Generative Interventions Promoting Learning Outcomes.

Epistemic Competence in the Post-Truth Era: Does Evidence Evaluation Transfer? Jeff A. Greene.

The Effect of Epistemic Cognition Interventions on Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analysis. Brian Cartiff, Rebekah F. Duke, Jeff A. Greene.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts: Post-Truths.

A Pedagogy of Tension and a Pedagogy of Facts: Two Competing Visions of the Teaching of War to the Children of Soldiers. Brian C. Gibbs.

Excellence in Education Research: Early Career Scholars and Their Work.

Learning Profiles in Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Associations With School Support Intensity and Self-Determination Outcomes. Nancy McIntyre.

Contemporary Issues in Motivation Research Models of Motivation: Theoretical and Applied Advances.

Latent Profile Analyses of Achievement Motivations and Metacognitive Behaviors and Their Relations to Achievement. Matthew L. Bernacki.

Social and Cognitive Influences on Academic Performance.

Tracing Science Learners' Digital Distribution of Self-Assessment Quizzes, Lecture Access, and Effects on Achievement. Matthew L. Bernacki.

Motivation and Self-Regulation in Educational Technology Contexts.

The Influence of Affect in Help-Seeking Behaviors and Performance in an Intelligent Tutoring System. Matthew L. Bernacki.

Professional Development Course

PDC15: Designing Adequately Powered Cluster Randomized Trials to Detect Main Effects, Moderation, and Mediation.

Instructor: Nianbo Dong

PDC17: Support for International Scholars Seeking to Publish in English-medium Journals.

Instructor: Fouad S. Abd-El-Khalick

Roundtable Sessions

Roundtable: Research on Instructional Strategies for Science Learning.

The Effects of Different Forms of Adaptive Feedback on Diverse Students' Science Learning. Kihyun (Kelly) Ryoo, Matthew Hutchinson, Emily Toutkoushian.

"Nothing About Us Without Us": Asserting Agency, Voice, and Relationships With Nonspeaking and Neurodivergent Students.

Relationship Fatigue: A Postcritical Ethnography Exploring Relationships Between Students With Severe Disabilities and Their Teachers. Karen Erickson.

International Student Experiences and Success in Higher Education.

Adapting to U.S. Graduate Education: Sociocultural Capital of Chinese International Graduate Students. Xinxin Wang, Rebekah Freed.

Deweyan Connections.

Dewey's Socialism: Polarization, Crisis, Politics, and Philosophy. Lynda Stone.

Disability Studies in Higher Education: Implications for College Culture, Curriculum, and Teacher Education Programs.

Representing "the Other" in Beauty and the Beast. Nicole Eilers.

International Discussions on Education Issues.

Understanding Education Financing and the Role of Education Savings Accounts. David Ansong.

Examination of Women Leaders: Frameworks and Experiences.

Not for Women Only: How Feminist Frameworks Will Alter Leadership. Catherine Marshall, Torrie Kincaid Edwards.

The Discursive Framing of Women Leaders: A Feminist Poststructural Review. Torrie Kincaid Edwards.

Partially Clustered Data and Sample Size Investigations With Various Types of Multilevel Models.

Unbiased Estimation of Multilevel Structural Equation Models in Small to Moderate Sample Sizes: A Limited Information Estimator. Nianbo Dong.

Perspectives on Assessment and Learning.

The Effects of Standardized Assessments on Academic Identities and Opportunities to Learn in Middle School. Gina Arnone.

Taking a Closer Look: Professional Development for Teacher Leadership.

Teacher Leadership Professional Development: Review of the Research. Lauren Tarabokia Kendall.

Developing Social Justice Leaders.

Growing Disruptive and Interruptive Leadership: The (Im)Possibilities of One Course Disrupting the Principalship as Usual. Brian C. Gibbs.

Athletic Experiences of Student Athletes in Context.

Chair: Erianne Weight

Black Students Matter: Scholarly Perspectives on Black Student Achievement and Persistence.

Just Another Brother Trying to Make It: Negotiating Stereotypes While Living and Learning. Travis J. Albritton.

Strategic Approaches to School Reform: Technology, Infrastructure, and Four-Day School Weeks.

Course Choice? Exploring Student Enrollment and Academic Outcomes in Online Schools. Ayesha Hashim.

"Nice for What?" Disobedient Struggles in Anticolonial Times.

"It's Not Perfect...but I Did It...": Critical Feminist Educators and Their Struggle for Critical Teaching. Brian C. Gibbs.

Using the Lenses of Race and Emotion in Understanding Motivation.

Examining Students' Color-Blind Racial Ideology, Emotion Regulation, and Reconciliation of Stigmatizing Thoughts About Race. Elizabeth Marie Allen.

Contestations of the Nation-State: Ownership and Answerability in Curriculum.

Curricular Nationalism: Facing White American Ideology in the Social Studies. Christoph Stutts.

Structured Poster Sessions

What Is the Impact of Teacher Education? Research on the Effectiveness of Completers During Induction.

Leveraging Completer Data for Program Improvement: Analyzing Multiple Measures Using a Plan-Do-Study-Act Model. Diana B Lys, Alison Elizabeth LaGarry, Wenyang Sun.

Embracing and Modeling the Complex Dynamics of Motivation and Engagement: Contextual, Temporal, Dynamic, and Systematic.

Longitudinal Complexity of Affect and Mathematics Self-Efficacy in Middle School. Matthew L. Bernacki.

The Impact of Individual Motivation on Study Group Selection. Matthew L. Bernacki.

The Scholarship of Improvement: Building Community Around an Emerging Tradition of Practice-Focused Research.

Randomized Trials and Improvement Modalities: Understanding the Federal Role in Education Research. Lora A. Cohen-Vogel.

Get Started — Get Better: Using Improvement Cycles to Achieve State Systemic Improvement. Caryn Sabourin Ward.


Educational Data Mining: Affordances and Constraints in the Analysis of Behavior and Performance in STEM.

Theory-Driven Data Mining to Understand Self-Regulated Learning Processing in a Higher Education Biology Course. Jeff A. Greene, Robert D. Plumley, Matthew L. Bernacki, Cynthia Demetriou, A.T. Panter.

Examining the Power of Multiple Data Sources in Predicting Academic Achievement in Undergraduate STEM Courses. Matthew Bernacki.

Patterns of Preschool Enrollment Across Diverse Localities: Results From the Early Learning Research Network.

School Readiness Skills: Pre-Kindergarten Compared to No Preschool Experiences. Margaret R. Burchinal, Ellen S. Peisner-Feinberg, Mary Bratsch-Hines.

Access to Accelerated Mathematics Course-Taking in Middle School and Beyond.

The Socio-Emotional Consequences of Accelerated Middle School Mathematics. Thurston Domina.

Early Math Skills and Enrollment in Algebra in Ninth Grade. Thurston Domina.

Advances in Self-Regulated Learning: Considering Personal Epistemology, Metamotivational Monitoring, Intentional Conceptual Change, and Time Management.

Discussant: Jeff A. Greene

Exploring the Writing Development of and Writing Instructional Needs for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Distinct Engagement and Writing Profiles in High-Functioning Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder. Nancy McIntyre.

"Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing": Narratives of Teacher Educators Transforming Practices for Social Justice.

Confronting the Falsehoods of Teacher Education: Hacking Our Own Practice. Jocelyn A. Glazier.

Teachers' Beliefs and Practices With Respect to Teaching for Self-Regulated Learning.

Discussant: Jeff A. Greene

Translating Research to Policy: How Researchers Are Successfully Influencing Early Learning Programs in Three States.

Key Findings and Lessons Learned From a Long-Term Research-Policy Collaboration: Evaluation of the North Carolina Pre-K Program. Ellen S. Peisner-Feinberg.

Unveiling White "Post-Truth": Applying Innovative Methods in Critical Whiteness Work.

"If It Talks Like a [Becky]": Operationalizing Discourses of Whiteness. Elizabeth Marie Allen.

Validating Theories of Learning for Classroom Assessment Design: Sources of Evidence.

Working at Scale to Recover Learning Trajectories Empirically for Grades 6–8 Math Through Ongoing Validation. Emily Toutkoushian.

Working Group Roundtable

Measuring the Impact of Positive Education in International Educational Contexts.

Chair: Bryant Hutson

Positive Psychology Measures in Education Settings: A Literature Review. Bryant Hutson

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