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TuesdayHDFS Film Series: “Disabilities in Childhood,” 5 pm, Peabody 104
WednesdayDeans’ lunch with faculty, 11:30 am, Peabody 02
ThursdayTown hall discussion: ‘All Deliberate Speed,’ 7 pm, Friday Center
FridayActive shooter training, 2:30 p.m., Peabody 02
Town hall discussion on Thursday examines school resegregation

A town hall discussion of issues around resegregation of public schools will be held on Thursday evening at the Friday Center. The School of Education is co-hosting the event entitled "All Deliberate Speed: School Resegregation in the South." Panelists include Pamela Grundy, author of “Color and Character: West Charlotte High and the American Struggle over Educational Equality;” Jerome Morris, author of “Troubling the Waters: Fulfilling the Promise of Quality Public Schooling for Black Children;” and Erica Frankenberg, co-author of “Educational Delusions? Why Choice Can Deepen Inequality and How to Make Schools Fair.” The event begins at 7 p.m., at the Friday Center for Continuing Education. The event is free and open to the public.

Education Minor students to present capstone projects April 23, 24

Students in the Education Minor will present research posters about their capstone projects later this month. Students will present research posters that describe their literature reviews on a variety of topics, including alternative models of schooling, culturally relevant pedagogy, school desegregation, mental health of university students, and accommodating spaces for students with physical disabilities. The presentations will be made in two classes: 1) Alison LaGarry’s class on April 23, from 1 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. in Room 215; and, 2) Jessica Benton’s class on April 24, from 4 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. in Room 206. All are welcome to attend.

Publications, presentations, grants awarded, etc.

Marisa Marraccini is the principal investigator on a $7,500 University Research Council Spring 2018 research grant for a project entitled “Transitioning Back to School: Adolescent and Parent Perspectives Following Hospitalization for Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors.”

Exploring the influence of homogeneous versus heterogeneous grouping on students’ text-based discussions and comprehension. Murphy, P. Karen; Greene, Jeffrey A.; Firetto, Carla M.; Li, Mengyi; Lobczowski, Nikki G.; Duke, Rebekah F.; Wei, Liwei; Croninger, Rachel M. V.; Contemporary Educational Psychology, Vol 51, Oct, 2017 pp. 336-355.

AERA Participation

Following is a listing of UNC-Chapel Hill-affiliated scholars participating at the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting:

Business Meetings

Division L - Educational Policies and Politics; Business Meeting
Chair: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

Accreditation, Assessment, and Program Evaluation in Educator Preparation SIG Business Meeting
Chair: Diana Lys

Professional Development Courses

Autoethnography: The Necessity of Bringing the Self Into Public Education.
Sherick A. Hughes and Danny Gibboney

How to Get Published: Guidance From Emerging and Established Scholars.
Jeff A. Greene

Roundtable Sessions

Characteristics and Performance of Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities Who May Be English Learners.
Karen Erickson

Teacher Leaders as Change Agents.

Teacher Leader as Secret (Change) Agent: Navigating School Culture and Context in Pursuit of Change.
Lauren Tarabokia Kendall

Measures and Reporting Approaches for Understanding Implementation and Outcomes in Educator Preparation
SIG Chair: Diana Lys

Roundtable Session: Building and Using Assessment and Data Systems to Improve Educator Preparation
SIG Chair: Diana Lys

Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education

Meanings and Means of Kindergarten Readiness for Immigrant Parents.
Rebecca S. New, Hao Wu; Lucia Mock

Finding the Words for Freedom and Justice: Negating Silence and Misinformation in Teacher Education.

Teachers’ Stunned Silence: Warning Lights for Teacher Education.
Jocelyn A. Glazier; Sarah Byrne Bausell

Approaches and Issues in Assessing Outcomes of Training/ Education Programs: A Healthcare Education Perspective.

Competency-Based Assessment in Graduate Medical Education: Challenges and Recommendations
Ashley Erin Grantham, Duke University; Fei Chen

Virtue and Education.

An Aristotelian Approach to Education in Nonideal Circumstances.
Macy M. Salzberger

Strong Directors, Absent Skeptics: Prescribed and Emergent Roles in Middle School Science Collaboration.
Dalila Dragnic-Cindric, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Janice L. Anderson, Sharon Derry

Dual Language Education Explosion: A Critical Analysis of Policy Making Across the States.
Chairs: Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon, The University of Texas at Austin; Patricia C. Gándara, University of California - Los Angeles

Dual-Language Education in the Southeast: Paths, Tensions, and Opportunities in Constructing Neoliberal, Multilingual Subjects
Wenyang Sun

Toward a Listening Critical Discourse Analysis Transcript.
Sarah Byrne Bausell

How Schools and Systems Experience Accountability: A View Across Contexts.

Test-Based Accountability and Alternative Education: Evidence of Gaming?
Kenya Iman Lee

Every Student Succeeds Act.

Confronting Historical Inequities in Federal Funding for American Indian Education Programs.
Meredith McCoy

Navigating Graduate Education.

Choosing to Apply to Graduate School: A Study of First-Generation College Students.
Nestor Alexis Ramirez, Brooke Midkiff, James Ellis,; Cynthia Demetriou, A. T. Panter

Arts Education in Higher Education.

The Possibilities of Art/ifact Journals as a Reflective Tool for Preservice Teachers.
Kristin Papoi, Heather H Aiken

Community Arts Education

Possibilities in Community-Oriented Public Education: Building Local Partnerships Through Arts Integration.Ashley Summer Boyd, Washington State University - Pullman; Hillary Parkhouse, Virginia Commonwealth University; Summer Pennell, Truman State University; Alison LaGarry

All About the Money? New Perspectives on Teacher Compensation.

The Female Educator Tax: Documenting the Gendered Wage Gap in Public Education
James Sadler, Samuel Carter, III

Beyond the Spectrum: The Promises of Autistic Ability.

Detourning Constructions of Autistic Masculinity in Parenthood.
Nicole Eilers

Demonstration/Performance: Ensuring Meaningful Performance Assessment Results: A Reflective Practice Model for Examining Validity and Reliability
SIG Chair: Diana Lys


An Integrative and Comparative Analysis of Approaches to Developing Undergraduates’ Learning Skills.
Chair: Matthew L. Bernacki, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Tracking Through the Life Course of Education.
“Branching Off”: A Case Study of Ability Grouping Among Black Students. Alecia Smith

#BlackGirlMagic: Black Women’s Perspectives and Experiences in STEM.
Discussant: Eileen R.C. Parsons

College Readiness: Connections Between High School Lessons and Self-Regulated Learning.
Self-Regulated Learning in the Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.
Jeff A. Greene, Janice L. Anderson, Nikki G. Lobczowski

Restricted From Rigor: Race, Class, and the Challenge of Equity in Advanced Placement.
Unequal Knowledge, Unequal Access: How Opportunity Without Information Limits Advanced Placement Participation Among Students From Disadvantaged Backgrounds. Karolyn D. Tyson

From Educative Experiences and a Reliable Assessment to Tension-Filled Semesters and Philosophical Differences: edTPA’s Tug-of-War.
Discussant: Diana B. Lys

Cross-Sector Policy Alignment and Early Learning: Evidence From the Early Learning Network.
Chair: Margaret R. Burchinal

Aligning Standards, Curricula, and Assessments in Early Education: Evidence From Rural North Carolina.
Lora A. Cohen-Vogel, James Sadler, Michael Harris Little, Rebecca Merrill

The Miseducation of Curriculum: Schooling and #BlackLivesMatter.
Revisiting Curriculum as Racialized Text: The Myth and Math of Black Lives Matter. Sherick A. Hughes

Invited Speaker Sessions

Division D Fireside Chat. What is Truth in Research: Can Methodologically Strong Research Provide Clarity in a Post- Truth Era?
Participant: Jeff A. Greene

Making Sense of Education Policy in the Era of ESSA and DeVos.
Co-Chair: Nestor Alexis Ramirez

Transforming the Financing of Early Care and Education—A Report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.
Chair: Margaret R. Burchinal

Division A Fireside Chat: Critical Conversations on Public School Leadership in the Era of New Managerialism and TrumpAmerica.
Catherine Marshall

Connecting Early Education and Early Childhood Development - Research Challenges and Opportunities.
Margaret R. Burchinal

Meet Journal Editors: Journal Talks 5.
Urban Review. Sherick A. Hughes

Division H Fireside Chat. Evaluation and Assessment in Schools Toward a Culture of Reflective Practice.
Participants: Caryn Sabourin Ward, Zollie Stevenson Jr, (SOE alumnus) Philander Smith College

Paper Sessions

Equity and Diversity in Science Learning and Teaching.

Using Visualizations to Create Equitable Opportunities for Linguistically Diverse Students to Engage in Science Practices. Kristin Bedell, Kihyun “Kelly” Ryoo, Amanda Swearingen

(Re)Segregation and Tracking: Problems in the Pursuit of Racial Equity.

Glue or WD-40: The Role of Parent-Teachers Associations in North Carolina’s Segregated Elementary Schools. Brittany Chevon Murray, Thurston Domina,

Crafting Success for Women and Girls in STEM.
Discussant: Beth Coleman

The Teacher as Student: Creating Social Justice Allies Through Teacher Education.

“It’s All in the (Re)Defining”: Slices of Justice-Oriented Teaching Three Years Running. Brian C. Gibbs

International Work on PISA.

Inequalities in Educational Attainment in China: Does the Urban Household Registration Certificate (Hukou) Matter? Xinxin Wang, Xue Lan Rong

Policy and Politics in the Standards and Accountability Landscape.

Fake News and Founding Principles: An Advocacy Coalition Reflects on the Politics of Common Core. Mark Johnson

Power and Trust in Cultivating Family, School, and Community Partnerships.
Chair: Dana C. Griffin

Exploring Access Opportunities for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education.

A Critical Qualitative Study of the College Pathways of High-Achieving Foster Youth. Mauriell H. Amechi

Introspections and Intentions With Experiential Education and Service-Learning: Lessons From Teacher Education and K–12 Classrooms.

Learning on the Edge: Experiential Education With Intent. Cheryl Mason Bolick

Using Family-School-Community Partnerships to Enhance Early Literacy and Biliteracy.

From Language to Civic Engagement: Building Transnational Social Spaces in Heritage Language Schools. Wenyang Sun, Xue Lan Rong

New Directions in Learning Analytics and Assessment.

Leveraging Log Data From Simulations in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments to Understand Students’ Learning Patterns. Emily Toutkoushian, Amanda Swearingen, Kihyun “Kelly” Ryoo, Plumley

Dewey’s Democracy in Unprecedented Times.

John Dewey, American Exceptionalism, Then and Now. Lynda Stone

Controlling Students and Populations With the Law.

The Legal History and Practical Implications of Public School Dress Code Policy. Torrie Kincaid Edwards

Teachers in Areas of Critical Shortage.

Teacher Effectiveness in Elementary Science Education: Nationally Representative Evidence From the Early Childhood Longitudinal Program–Kindergarten 2011. Michael Harris Little, James Sadler, Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

Promoting Diversity in the Professions

Toward a Conceptual Framework to Understand the Experiences and Agential Behaviors of Underrepresented Minority (URM) Pharmacy Students. Antonio Bush, Danielle Allen

Under-Examined Topics in Social Studies Research.

“No One Should Be Able to See What They Have to Do”: Military Children Wrestle With Media Coverage of America at War. Brian C. Gibbs

Students’ Epistemic Cognition.

Epistemic Cognition and Academic Achievement: A Meta-Analytic Review. Jeff A. Greene, Brian Cartiff, Rebekah F Duke

Research in Science Learning and Teaching.

Knowledge in Pieces: Implications for Design. Lana Marie Minshew, Kelly Johnson Barber-Lester, Sharon Derry, Janice L. Anderson

From Classroom to Community: Examining Early Childhood Education Policy and Reform Efforts.
Chair: Michael Harris Little

Poster Sessions

Division K - Teaching and Teacher Education

Effects of Video Analysis on the Instructional Skills of Educators: A Meta-Analysis of Single-Case Studies. Kristi Morin

Scaffolding Self-Regulation, Co-Regulation, and Socially Shared Regulation of Future Learning: Affordances of Learning Analytics Dashboards.
Chair: Matthew L. Bernacki, University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Using Data From a Mobile Application to Promote Socially Shared Regulation of Learning. Nikki G. Lobczowski, Kayley Lyons, Jeff A. Greene, Jacqueline E. McLaughlin

The English Learners in the Mainstream (ELM) Project: A Comprehensive Teacher Training Model.

Cultivating Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Exploring Teachers’ Pedagogical Gardens. Kelly Johnson Barber-Lester

Research in Science Learning and Teaching Poster Session

Fostering High School Students’ Scientific Argumentation and Conceptual Understanding Through Quality Talk Discussions. Jeff A. Greene, Elizabeth Marie Allen, Amanda Swearingen

Understanding Intruction, Motivation, and Learning in Literacy.

Promoting Students’ Multifaceted Literacy Competence Through Quality Talk: A Quasi-Experimental Study. Jeff A. Greene; Rebekah F Duke, Nikki G. Lobczowski

School and Leadership Development in Caribbean and Sub- Saharan African Contexts.

Why All the Change in Civics Education Policy? An Event History Analysis. James Sadler, Jerry Jameel Wilson, University of North Carolina; Noah Cohen-Vogel, Chapel Hill High School; Connor Willis

Knowledge Integration: Trajectories, Opportunities, and Future Directions.

Using Knowledge Integration to Support English Language Learners in Science Practices. Kihyun “Kelly” Ryoo, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

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Tuesday, Apr 17

HDFS Film Series: "Disabilities in Childhood"
Peabody 104

Wednesday, Apr 18

Deans' lunch with faculty
11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.
Peabody 02

Friday, Apr 20

Active shooter training
2:30p.m. - 3:30p.m.
Peabody 02

Monday, April 23

Education Minor capstones
Peabody 215

Tuesday, April 24

Education Minor capstones
Peabody 206

Wednesday, May 9

Deans' lunch with faculty
11:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.
Peabody 02

Thursday, May 10

End-of-Year Reception
4:00p.m. - 6:00p.m.
Carolina Inn

Saturday, May 12

School of Education Graduation Ceremony
Dean Smith Center

Career Development Events for graduate students

The following events are offered by the Graduate School. Prior registration is often requested. Register at

Thursday, April 19

L.E.A.D. Workshop: Implicit Bias
6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
FPG Student Union, Room 2422