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Maurice “Mo” Green to give School of Education Commencement address

Maurice “Mo” Green, executive director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, will provide the Commencement address at the School of Education’s graduation exercises on May 13. Green joined the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation last year, after working for 15 years in education, most recently as superintendent of Guilford County Schools. The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, as one of state’s largest charitable foundations, is a leader in work to improve the quality of life of North Carolinians. The School’s Commencement ceremony will begin at 1 p.m. in the Dean E. Smith Center. More about Green here.

‘Student Success Talks’ series features Jeffrey Greene on Thursday

Jeffrey Greene, associate professor in the School of Education, will discuss the role growth mindsets play in teaching and learning, and how faculty can leverage these mindsets to help struggling learners succeed. The event is aimed at Carolina faculty and staff, and is part of Carolina's “Student Success Talks” series. The event takes place Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the Pleasants Room in Wilson Library. Light refreshments will be provided.

Education Policy Colloquium April 25 features absenteeism talk

Michael Gottfried, associate professor at the University of California Santa Barbara, will give a talk on April 25 in the Education Policy Colloquium Series. Gottfried’s talk is entitled “Showing Up: School Absenteeism Disparities Between Young Children With and Without Disabilities.” The talk begins at 12:30 p.m. and will be held in Peabody 02. A light lunch will be served.

School of Education co-sponsoring conference on immigration

The School of Education and the Carolina Asian Center are cosponsoring a conference on April 25 entitled “How Nation-states Respond to the Impacts of Immigration and Ethnic Diversity in the Context of Globalization: Language, Identities and Multicultural Urban Educational Policies and their Implementation in India, Korea, Japan, and Singapore.” Faculty from Columbia University, Australia and Korea are among the invited speakers. The event will be held at the FedEx Global Education Center. People interested in attending should email Nicole Neal at


Following is a list of activities by School of Education faculty, students, alumni and other affiliated scholars in the upcoming American Educational Research Association annual meeting being held later this month in San Antonio:


Division G (Social Context of Education) Mentoring Award
Recipient: George Noblit

Arts and Learning SIG Outstanding Dissertation Award
Recipient: Kristin Papoi

Invited Roundtables

Meet Journal Editors: Journal Talks 4
The Urban Review - William T. Pink; George W. Noblit

Invited Speaker Sessions

(Re)visioning the Profession: What Should Professors of Educational Leadership Be Doing and How Should We Be Supported?
Participant: Fenwick W. English

Building Bridges From Research to Policy: How Can Division C Researchers Work More Effectively With Policy Professionals?
Participant: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

Building a Wall of Resistance Through Critical Solidarities: Attending to Our Personal and Professional Needs and Those of Others in the Current Political Climate
Participant: Dana Thompson Dorsey

Dialogues Across Systems That Support Students and Families: The Urgency to Teach, Protect, and Reduce Vulnerability
Chair: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel
Participant: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

Division C Early Career Award (2016) Lecture: Amanda Goodwin
Chair: Jeff A. Greene

Division D Fireside Chat: How Can the Philosophy of Measurement Illuminate What We Mean When We "Measure" in Education?
Participant: Gregory J. Cizek

Division L Fireside Chat. From Research to Practice: Partnering With Practitioners to Produce Research That Informs Policy
Chair: Nestor Alexis Ramirez

AERA Presidential Session: STEM, Diversity, and the Future of Teaching and Schooling
Participant: Eileen R.C. Parsons


Curriculum History as Memory Work: Deterritorializing the Field
Narrative, Pedagogy, History - Madeleine Grumet
Thinking Past Discipline: Curriculum History and Teacher Subjectivity - Stephanie Konle

Immigration and Multicultural Urban Educational Policies and Their Implementation in India, Korea, Japan, and Singapore
Chair: Xue Lan Rong
Rethinking Diversity in South Korea: Examining the Ideological Underpinnings of Multicultural Education Policies and Programs - Ji-Yeon O. Jo; Minseung Jung, Korean National Open University
Discussant: George W. Noblit

Learning While Black: Addressing the Educational and Social Deprivation of Black Students in Schools
Chair: Linda C. Tillman
From Conviction to Suspension: Examining U.S. Laws, School Discipline Policies, and the Educational Deprivation of Black Students - Dana Thompson Dorsey

Neoliberal Policy Network Governance and Counternetworks of Resistance: Actions and Reactions From Across Policy Arenas
Counternetworks of Resistance - Catherine Marshall; Jason P. Murphy, Rutgers University; Atiya S Strothers, Rutgers University - New Brunswick/Piscataway

Spatial Justice, Educational Equity, and Critical Pedagogy in the New Latina/o Diaspora
Constructing Latinidad in the Rural South: Youth Negotiations for Epistemic Space and Educational Justice - Michael C. Dominguez
Inner Work, Public Acts: XY, Public Pedagogy, and Spatial Justice - Juan F. Carrillo; Jason Cory Mendez
Engendering Space in a New Latina/o Diaspora Through Testimonios in the New Latino South - Esmeralda Rodriguez

Moving Toward a Multicomponent Model of Vocabulary Learning in School
The Academic Vocabulary of Elementary-Grades Core Disciplinary Textbooks - Jeff Elmore, MetaMetrics; Jill Fitzgerald; Michael F. Graves, University of Minnesota; Heather Hughes Koons, MetaMetrics; Ian F Hembry, MetaMetrics

Stop Killing Us! The Praxis of Morally Engaged Research Advancing Equal Educational Opportunity and Human Freedom
Discussant: Linda C. Tillman

The Parent-School-Community Nexus: The Role of Critical Race Parenting in Racially Just Education
This One Time at Summer Camp: A Critical Approach for a Race-Conscious Curriculum - Ronda Taylor Bullock

edTPA's Threats to Equity in Teacher Education: Policy Analysis at Statewide, Program, and Individual Levels
Outsourcing Community: The Impact of the edTPA on a Professional Development School Model - Adam Wade Jordan

Roundtable Sessions

Positioning Ethical Commitments in Research Methodologies
Making Sense of It All: Meta-Ethnography and Public Pedagogy Research - Jeremy Godwin; Joseph D. Hooper

Innovative Design for Teacher Learning
Chair: Janice L. Anderson

Promoting Critical Reflection in Teacher Education to Achieve the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity
Chair: Alison LaGarry
Chair: Dana C. Griffin

Various Approaches to Reflecting on, Measuring, and Sharing Teacher Identities
Teacher Cognition of Students (Dis)Engagement Focusing on Behavioral Engagement - SooJin Lee; Jocelyn A. Glazier

Considering Multiple Accounts in and About History
Rethinking Historical Thinking - Stephanie Konle

Structural Equation Modeling with Difficult Data
Methods of Covariate Inclusion in Latent Transition Analysis: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study - Ai Ye; Jeffrey R. Harring, University of Maryland; Luke Rinne, University of Delaware

Teacher Characteristics: Identity and Experience
Chair: Dana Thompson Dorsey

Educational Equity, Access, and Teacher Misconduct in Texas Schools: Lessons on Law and Policy
Chair: Eric A. Houck

Educator Responses to Accountability Policies
Media Coverage of High-Stakes Testing: Understanding Issue Dimensions Using Topic Modeling - John Wachen
Areas of Disconnect Between Immigrant Parents and Language-Related School Practices - Gina Arnone; Rebecca S. New

Leadership in Transition Chair: Dana Thompson Dorsey
Protective Factors and Resiliency: How African American Women Overcome Barriers En Route to the Superintendency - Francemise St. Pierre Kingsberry; Gaëtane Jean-Marie, University of Northern Iowa

Teaching, Religion, and Identity
Examining the Nuances of Quakerism and Action Research Through the Teacher in Review Project - Cheryl Mason Bolick; Renee Prillaman, Carolina Friends School

Managing Relationships Between Schools, Faimlies, and the Justice System
Qualitative Data Analysis of Parent-Teacher Organizations and the Distribution of Learning Opportunities - Brittany Chevon Murray; Thurston Domina; Linda A. Renzulli, University of Georgia; Rebecca L. Boylan, University of Georgia"

Nourishing the Body and the Mind: An Examination of Contextual Factors to Student Success
Chair: Dana Thompson Dorsey

Considering Models for Educational Change
An Empirical Framework for Analyzing Teacher Candidate Performance Assessment Data - Kevin Christopher Bastian; Diana B. Lys

Learning Out of School
Chair: Rebecca S. New

Curriculum as Cultural ProductionExploring Mobile Media–Making With Youth Activists - Joseph D. Hooper
Situationist Pedagogy and Curriculum Studies - James Trier

Questioning the ‘Knowledge to Action’ Conduit: Child Development as the Foundation of Early Childhood EducationCo-chair: Rebecca S. New
Using "Science" to Teach Other People's Children: Critique of Developmentally Appropriate Practice Guidelines for 21st-Century Early Childhood Education - Rebecca S. New

Starting Out Right: The Impacts of Early Childhood Education
"Examining Childcare Choices and Their Causal Impact on School Readiness Among Children of Immigrants - Qi Xing

Exploring Issues of Parental Involvement for Immigrant Children in the United States
Madres para Niños: Latina Mothers as Consultees Reimagining Their Children's Schooling - Marta Sánchez, University of North Carolina - Wilmington; Steven Knotek

Financing Early Childhood Education and Estimating Its Effects
Does Using School Readiness Assessments for Class Placements Lead to Academic Sorting in Kindergarten? - Chris Curran, University of Maryland - Baltimore County; Michael Harris Little; Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

International Studies
Promises and Practices: A Case Study on Migrant Children's Compulsory Education Policy Implementation in China - Shuyin Liu; Wenyang Sun; Elizabeth Cynthia Barrow

Identity and Formal Schooling
Unburdened From "Acting White": Black Males' Discussions of Race and Academic Identity - Travis J. Albritton; Gwen D. Roulhac, Durham Public Schools

Advancing Research on Preservice Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
Chair: Janice L. Anderson

Chinese Teachers and North American Schools: Navigating Language, Culture, and Identity
"Straddling Two Cultures: Uncovering Parts of a Transnational Chinese Teacher's Implicit Cultural Model of Teaching Within the Context of American Kindergarten - Pei-Ying Wu

Marginalized Identities in Rural Places
Examining Rural and Racial Identity Development in Segregated High Schools of Alabama - Cherish Williams

Challenging Power and Transforming Relationships Through Grassroots Organizing
Chair: Tim Conder
Bearing Witness to Power: Ecumenical Faith-Based Community Organizing Deployed for Public Education Reform - Tim Conder

Middle Level Research SIG
Experiential Learning: Experiences to Prepare Middle Level Educators to be Developmentally Responsive – Suzanne Gulledge

Professional Development Course

PDC07: How to Get Published—Guidance From Emerging and Established Scholars
Instructor: Jeff A. Greene

Paper sessions

(In)Equities in College Access: A Focus on Latin America and the Latinx Diapsora Examining the Postsecondary Decision-Making Behaviors of Rural Latina/o Youth and Factors That Predict Enrollment - Nestor Alexis Ramirez; Judith L. Meece

Analyses of Whiteness: Identities and Dilemmas in Teaching An Ideological Unveiling: Using Critical Narrative and Discourse Analysis to Examine Discursive White Teacher Identity - Beth Coleman

Confronting the Past in Transnational Textbooks, Schooling, and Curriculum "Will You Remember This?" Performances of a Confederate Geography Textbook and the Construction of Childhood - Jeremy Godwin

Cultural Considerations in Math Motivation
Motivation and Future Intention to Pursue Mathematics: A Cross-National Study in the United States and Korea - Hyeyoung Hwang; Judith L. Meece

Examining the Development of Core Teacher Practices With Preservice Teachers The Contrapuntal Nature of Novice Teaching: Exploring Harmonies and Dissonance Across Variations of Pedagogical Rehearsal - Michael C. Dominguez; Mary Rose Kelly, University of Colorado - Boulder; Ashley Cartun, University of Colorado - Boulder; Elizabeth M. Dutro, University of Colorado Boulder"

Exploring Disaggregation With the Asian Pacific American Community The Benefits and Constraints to "Cultural Insider" Researchers When Recruiting Participants in Chinese Immigrant Communities - Wenyang Sun; Xue Lan Rong, Rebecca S. New

Family Engagement During Transitions to Secondary and Postsecondary Educational Settings
Chair: Dana C. Griffin

Frameworks for Self-Reflection: Emerging Teacher Identities
Unstable Ground: Teacher Educators as Experiential Pioneers - Jocelyn A. Glazier; Cheryl Mason Bolick; Christoph Stutts

Framing Educational Discourse in Contested Political Terrains
The Agenda Discourse: A Framework for Understanding the Federal Role in Improving Education Research - Allison Rose Socol; Lora A. Cohen-Vogel; Qi Xing; Torrie Kincaid Edwards

Impacts of Arts Integration on Student Outcomes
Creating a Pedagogy of Participation: Equitable Arts-Based Practices for English Learners - Kristin Papoi

Improving College Access
Promoting Career and College Readiness Aspirations and Self-Efficacy: Curriculum Field Test - Robert Richard Martinez

Increasing Our Understanding of Classroom Assessment
Chair: Rebecca S. New

Power and Politics in State and Federal Policy: Polarized Discourse, Shifting Governmental Arrangements, Subversive Messages, and Influential Policy Networks "The Politics of Policy Change in Pre-K Education: An Event History Analysis - Lora A. Cohen-Vogel; James Sadler; Michael Harris Little; Rebecca Merrill; Chris Curran, University of Maryland - Baltimore County"

Queering Knowledge to Action: Supporting LGBTQ+ Identities in Educational Spaces
Building LGBTQ Knowledge and Awareness Among Education Graduate Students and Faculty - Clyde Harrelson

Racial and Ethnic Variation in School Climate Perceptions and Strategies for a Positive Racial/Ethnic Climate
Discussant: Dana C. Griffin

Reform and the Social Studies
Rigor in the Social Studies: Making Sense of a Complicated Concept - Brian C. Gibbs

School Choice and Segregation: Evidence on Equity, Achievement, and Diversity
From Desegregation to Privatization: A Critical Race Theory Policy Analysis of School Choice and Educational Opportunity in North Carolina - Dana Thompson Dorsey; Gwen D. Roulhac, Durham Public Schools"

Student Perception and Performance in STEM
Why STEM Transfers Switch to Non-STEM Majors: A Preliminary Qualitative Investigation - Terrell Roderick Morton; Lisa Corwin, University of Colorado Boulder; Cynthia Demetriou; A. T. Panter

Supporting Science Learning for English Language Learner and Linguistically Diverse Students
"Making Sense of Science Using Dynamic Visualizations: Creating Discourse-Rich Opportunities for Linguistically Diverse Students - Kihyun "Kelly" Ryoo; Kristin Bedell; Emily Toutkoushian
Exploring Different Types of Assessment Items to Elicit Linguistically Diverse Students' Understanding of Chemistry - Emily Toutkoushian; Amanda Swearingen; Kihyun "Kelly" Ryoo; Kristin Bedell

Teacher Identity and Practice in the Context of Neoliberal Reforms
The Monster Under the Bed: High-Stakes Assessment and New Teacher Socialization - Sarah Byrne Bausell; Jocelyn A. Glazier

Teacher Leaders' Identity Development
Rigor for Democracy: In Defense of Justice-Oriented Approaches to Social Studies Teaching - Brian C. Gibbs

Teachers' Stories: Critical Narratives of Complexities and Hope
Grounded in Hope, Lived Through Action: Findings From Autoethnographic Narratives of Becoming Critical Teacher Educators - Julie Ellison Justice, Elon University; Blake Tenore, Florida State University; Patricia A. Edwards, Michigan State University; Hilary Janks, University of the Witwatersrand; Elizabeth M. Dutro, University of Colorado Boulder; Lara J. Handsfield, Illinois State University; Sherick A. Hughes; Mark R. Davies, Hartwick College; Ashley Summer Boyd, Washington State University - Pullman; Scott Morrison, Elon University; Ana C. Iddings, Vanderbilt University - Peabody College; Jennifer Danridge Turner, University of Maryland - College Park; Judson Crandall Laughter, The University of Tennessee - Knoxville; Dennis S. Davis, North Carolina State University; Amber Pabon, University of Pittsburgh; Emily J. Yanisko, Urban Teachers; Jennifer E. Obidah, University of the West Indies
Storied First Jobs: A Critical Narrative Analysis of New Teacher Talk About Difficult Work Environments - Sarah Byrne Bausell

Poster Sessions

Examinations of Faculty Motivation and Engagement Within Current Sociopolitical Contexts for Teacher Education Reform
A Conceptual Blueprint for Program Redesign and Improvement - Diana B. Lys; Jocelyn A. Glazier

Fostering Deep Learning in Problem-Solving Contexts Through Effective Design of Learning Environments With Technology Support
Chair: Sharon Derry

Fostering Deep Learning in Middle School Design-Based Science: Findings, Challenges, and Recommendations From Two Studies - Sharon Derry; Mary J. Leonard, Montana State University; Janice L. Anderson; Kelly Johnson Barber-Lester; Lana Minshew

Learning, Engagement, and Assessment in Technology-Rich Learning Environments
Discussant: Sharon Derry
Fleeing the Nest or Staying Close? How Family and Place Shape Rural Adolescents' Postsecondary Outcomes - Charlotte A. Agger, Indiana University - Bloomington; Judith L. Meece; Soo-yong Byun, The Pennsylvania State University"

Factors Influencing College Choice Among First-Generation Underrepresented Minorities - Jerry Jameel Wilson, University of North Carolina; Patrick Akos; Jen Kretchmar

Application of Propensity Score Analysis in Linking Without Anchor Items - Xi Wang, Measured Progress; Hwanggyu Lim, University of Massachusetts; Fei Chen

Pathways to Fraction Learning: Numerical Abilities Mediate the Relation Between Cognitive Competencies and Fraction Knowledge - Ai Ye; Ilyse Resnick, University of Delaware; Nicole Hansen, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Jessica Carrique, University of Delaware; Luke Rinne, University of Delaware; Nancy C. Jordan, University of Delaware"

Designed Intentions and Teacher Enactment: Examining the Implementation of a Project-Based Science Curriculum in a Rural Context - Janice L. Anderson; Lana Minshew; Kelly Johnson Barber-Lester; Sharon Derry

Investigating the Bidirectional Relationship Between Home Environment and Student Achievement: A Cross-Lagged Longitudinal Analysis - Ai Ye; Laura Cutler, University of Delaware; Cory Gilden; Yanmiao Xie, University of Delaware; Yi-Young Yun; Juana Gaviria, University of Delaware
Stabilizing Access to Marginal Knowledge in a Classroom Setting - Andrew C. Butler, The University of Texas - Austin; Kathryn Campbell; Adam M. Persky

Civically Engaging Teachers in a Politically Charged Environment - Cassandra R. Davis; Aubrey N. Comperatore; Kristina M. Patterson-Marcinkevich

Promising Scholarship in Education: Dissertation Fellows and Their Research A Site of Resistance and/or Reclamation? The Role of the Black Church in the Charter School Movement - Danielle Allen

Book Reception

“Comparing Ethnographies: Local Studies of Education Across the Americas”
Chapter co-author: George Noblit


AERA 2016–2017 Council Meeting
Participant: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

AERA Government Relations Committee
Participant: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

AERA Graduate Student Council: Closed Meeting
Participant: Nestor Alexis Ramirez

AERA Minority Fellows Mentoring Meeting with the Minority Fellowship Selection Committee
Participant: Danielle Allen

AERA Open Editorial Board Meeting
Participant: Thurston Domina

American Educational Research Journal Closed Editorial Board Meeting
Participant: Thurston Domina

Review of Educational Research Closed Editorial Board Meeting
Jeff A. Greene

AERA Journal Publications Committee and Journal Editors: Closed Meeting
Participant: Linda C. Tillman

AERA Journal Publications Committee: Closed Meeting
Participant: Linda C. Tillman

Other publications, presentations, grants etc.

Cohen-Vogel, L., Cannata, M., Rutledge, S.A., & Socol, A.R. A model of continuous improvement in high schools: A process for research, innovation design, implementation, and scale. Teachers College Record, 118 (14).

Wachen, J., Harrison, C., & Cohen-Vogel, L. Data use as instructional reform: Exploring educators’ reports of classroom practice. Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Tichnor-Wagner, A., Allen, D., Socol, A.R., Cohen-Vogel, L.,Rutledge, S., & Xing, Q. (In press). Studying implementation within a continuous improvement process: What happens when we design with adaptations in mind? Teachers College Record.

Tichnor-Wagner, A., Wachen, J., Cannata, M. & Cohen-Vogel, L. (In press). Continuous improvement in the public school context: Understanding the implementation of Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles. Journal of Educational Change.

Cohen-Vogel, L., Little, M. & C. Fierro. (In press). Evidence-based staffing in high schools: Using student achievement data in teacher hiring, evaluation, and assignment. Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Cannata, M., Cohen-Vogel, L., & Sorum, M. (In press). Partnering for improvement: Communities of practice and their role in scale up. Peabody Journal of Education.

Little, M. & Cohen-Vogel, L. (In press). Ready for school? Assessing America's kindergartners. Teachers College Record.

Juan Carrillo, Tommy Ender and Josmell Perez. (In press) Letters to Our Children: Narrating Legacies of Love, Dissent, and Possibility. Journal of Latinos and Education.

Michael Little, doctoral student in Policy, Leadership, and School Improvement, and his advisor, Lora Cohen-Vogel, have had a Research Note accepted for publication in Teachers College Record. In this research note, the authors provide nationally representative evidence on the prevalence of school readiness assessments, how schools report using data collected from readiness assessments, and how the uses of these data have changed over time.

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Thursday, Apr. 20

Student Success Talk: Jeffrey Greene
Wilson Library, Pleasants Room

Tuesday, Apr. 25

Education Policy Colloquium Series: Michael Gottfried
12:30 p.m.
Peabody 02

Wednesday, May 3

Staff Lunch with the Deans
12:30p.m. - 2:00p.m.
Peabody 02

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Faculty Lunch with the Deans
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Faculty-Staff Thank You Celebration
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