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Doctoral student Dalila Dragnic-Cindric wins NSF fellowhip

Dalila Dragnic-Cindric, a first-year doctoral student in the Learning Sciences and Psychological Studies strand of the Ph.D. program, has won a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship is a competitive program designed to support promising STEM researchers. It has a long history of selecting recipients who achieve high levels of success. Past fellows include Nobel Prize winners, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, Google founder Sergey Brin and Freakonomics co-author Steven Levitt. The NSF’s Graduate Research Fellowship, which received 17,000 applications this year, was awarded to 2,000 people. It provides a three-year annual stipend of $34,000 and an annual $12,000 cost of education allowance. Read more about Dragnic-Cindric and the fellowship here.

AERA awards to be presented to Hughes, Noblit

Sherick Hughes and George Noblit will each receive awards at this week’s 2016 annual meeting of the American educational Research Association. Hughes is receiving the 2016 Scholars of Color Distinguished Scholar Award. It will be presented on Sunday at 12:25 p.m. during the Presidential Awards Ceremony at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Noblit is receiving the 2016 Mary Anne Raywid Award from the Society of Professors of Education. It will be presented during a session on Saturday at 4:15 p.m. in the Marriott Marquis, Level 4, Treasury.

Doctoral student William Jackson named Camelback Ventures Fellow

William Jackson, a doctoral student in educational psychology, has been named a Camelback Ventures Fellow. Camelback Ventures is an organization that supports social venture organizations working to address the nation’s social and economic challenges. Jackson is the founder of Village of Wisdom, which works to support youth success within communities of color. Read more about Jackson’s Camelback fellowship here.

Suzanne Gulledge awarded APPLES development grant

Suzanne Gulledge, clinical professor of teacher education, has been awarded a 2016 APPLES Service-Learning Course Development Grant. The grants are awarded to develop new or modify existing courses that successfully integrate community-based service into the curriculum and promote service-learning pedagogy at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Education Minor students presenting capstone projects April 12

Education Minor students will present their spring capstone projects with poster presentations around the main floor of Peabody Hall on April 12 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The event will include light refreshments in Room 206 during the presentations for students and guests. The students will also present their posters as part of Carolina’s Celebration of Undergraduate Research on April 18 at the Frank Porter Graham Student Union.

Event on April 21 explores strategies for employing people with autism

An event co-sponsored by the School of Education on April 21 will examine issues around employing people with autism. A panel of representatives from the local business community, including Extraordinary Ventures, Persever8 and Shoeboxed Inc., will share successful strategies, and the benefits and challenges of employing individuals with autism. The panel will include employers, job coaches and employees who have autism. The event runs from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and will be held at the Carolina Center for Educational Excellence, 9201 Seawell School Road. For more information, call the TEACCH Training Office at 919-966-8191 or email

Nominations being accepted for GSA positions

Nominations are being accepted for the School of Education Graduate Student Association. The GSA is looking to fill the following positions for the 2016 – 2017 academic year:

  • Vice President (president elect)
  • Secretary
  • Two Communication (Social Chairs)
  • Two Brown Bag Chairs
  • Treasurer

Anyone interested should send their name to All graduate students in the School of Education are considered. Nominations are due by April 14.

The 2016 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association

Following is a list of School of Education-affiliated participants in this week’s annual meeting of the AERA.

Invited Speaker Sessions
  • Janice Anderson: AERA 2017? You Only Have a Year to Get Your Next Proposal Ready!
  • Thurston Domina: Division L Invited Session: The Coleman Report 50 Years On
  • Linda Mason: Teaching Students With Special Needs in the New Millennium in session Handbook of Research on Teaching, Fifth Edition: A New AERA Publication
  • P. Karen Murphy, Jeff A. Greene, Carla Marie Firetto, Mengyi Li, Nikki G. Lobczowski, Rachel Miriam Vriend Croniger, Rebekah F. Duke: Examining the Effect of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Grouping in Classroom Discourse in event School-Based Education Research in Diverse Democracies in Three Countries
  • Gregory J. Cizek, co-chair: Triennial Travesties: AERA Centennial Edition!
  • Keith Sawyer: What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know About Educational Research in event Triennial Travesties: AERA Centennial Edition!
  • Gregory J. Cizek: Epic Fails in the History of the Uhmairikuhn Edjoocayshunul Reesirch Ahsosheeayshun in event Triennial Travesties: AERA Centennial Edition!
Roundtable Sessions
  • Alex Reyes, Terrell Morton, Aubrey Comperatore, Emily Freeman, Lana Minshew, Janice Anderson: Technology Integration Into Pedagogical Practice: Analysis of a One-on-One and Group Coaching Model of Professional Development
  • Joseph D. Hooper, Janice Anderson:Raising Public and Educational Awareness of the White Screen Savior in Commercial Video Games
  • Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Danielle Allen, Allison Rose Socol, Lora Cohen-Vogel, Stacey Rutledge, Qi Xing: Studying Implementation Within a Continuous Improvement Process: What Happens When We Design With Adaptations in Mind?
  • Diana B. Lys: Assessing Locally Evaluated Teacher Performance Assessments as a Guide for Evidence-Based Program Reform
  • Meg Goodhand (alumna), Kathleen M. Brown: Teachers’ Perception of Heteronomativity in Elementary Schools: The Hidden and Evaded Curricula of Gender Diversity
  • Charlotte Agger, Jessica Morales-Chicas: The Effects of Teacher Collective Responsibility on the Math Achievement of Algebra Repeaters
  • Clyde (Bud) Harrelson, Erik Houck, Deborah Lynn Teitelbaum: Devils and Details: Teacher Compensation Reform in a Climate of Uncertainty
  • Torrie Kincaid Edwards, Clyde (Bud) Harrelson, Catherine Marshall: Undressing Policy: A Critical Analysis of North Carolina Public School Dress Codes
  • Nestor Alexis Ramirez, Judith L. Meece, Cynthia Demetriou, Terrell Roderick Morton: Dreaming Big: The Educational Aspirations of rural First-Generation College Studetns and Howt They Prepare for College Success
  • Eileen R.C. Parsons, Terrell Roderick Morton, Beth E. Kurtz-Costes, Lionel Howard: Mind-Set, Agency, and African American High School Students
  • Dana Thompson Dorsey, chair: Legal Justice and Students' Rights: Critically Examining Racial and Ethnic Equity in Education
  • Dana Thompson Dorsey, chair: Microaggressions Across College and university Contexts
  • Jeffrey Elmore, Jill Fitzgerald: The conceptual complexity of Vocabulary in Elementary-grades Science Textbooks
  • Jeanne Dyches Bissonnette, Jessica Hatcher, Jeffrey Reaser, Amanda J. Godley: Negotiating Southernness: How Speaking a Socially Stigmatized Dialect Complicates Preservice Teachers’ Identities and Linguistic Ideologies
  • Summer Pennell: Processing Social Justice: A Queer Enactment of Learning From a Middle School Class in the event Investigating the Influence of K–12 Educator Perceptions on Curriculum and Practice
Professional Development Courses
  • Jeff A. Greene: How to Get Published
  • Sherick A. Hughes: Autoethnography: Product, Process, and Possibility for Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies
  • Madeleine Grumet, discussant: Applied Theater as Methodological Intervention in Qualitative Research With Urban Youth
  • George W. Noblit, Marta Sanchez: Border Relations: Ethics and Purposes of Ethnology and Meta-Ethnography in session Comparing Ethnographies: Learning From Local Studies of Education Across the Americas
  • Rebecca S. New: 21st-Century Early Childhood Teacher Education: New Frames for a Shifting Landscape in session Early Childhood Teacher Education for a Diverse Democratic Society: Promising Practices and Research Gaps
  • Robert Henson, Oksana Naumenka, Bryan C. Hutchins: The Impact of the Rural Innovative Schools Project in event Moving From the "Boutique" to the "Broad": Scaling up Early College Efforts in Different Settings
  • Margaret Carmody: Soul, Spirit, Difference, and Democracy in event Nurturing Education Through the Arts and Spirituality
  • Madeleine Grumet, discussant: Nurturing Education Through the Arts and Spirituality
  • Madeleine Grumet: Who in Attendance Is Present? In event School Engagement, Artistic Practice, and Democracy
  • Linda Tillman, chair and discussant: Struggles of Race, Identity, and Racism as We Advocate for Our Children in Public Schools
  • Linda Tillman, participant: The Life and Contributions of Diane S. Pollard
  • P. Karen Murphy, Jeff A. Greene, Carla Marie Firetto, Cristin Montalbano, Mengyi Li, Liwei Wei, Rachel Miriam Vriend Croniger: Promoting Relational Reasoning in Elementary Students' Writing in event The Malleability of Relational Reasoning: Effects of Direct or Indirect Interventions on Learning Processes and Outcomes in event
  • Jeff A. Greene, P. Karen Murphy, Ana Butler, Carla Marie Firetto, Elizabeth Marie Allen, Jianan Wang, Liwei Wei, Seung Yu: Fostering Relational Reasoning and Scientific Understanding Through Quality Talk Discourse in event The Malleability of Relational Reasoning: Effects of Direct or Indirect Interventions on Learning Processes and Outcomes in event
  • Linda Tillman, discussant: Transcultural Leadership as "Subversion That Matters"
  • Jeff A. Greene: The Social Aspects of Epistemic Cognition: Informing Models and Interventions About Knowledge and Knowing in event Translating Scholarship on Epistemic Cognition: Fostering Public Knowledge and Knowing
  • Brooke Midkiff, Catherine Marshal: What Kind of Times Are These? The Mystery of Sexual Harassment in the Postliberal Feminism Era in event Women Leading Education Across the Continents: Overcoming the Barriers
Mentoring Sessions
  • Linda Tillman: Division A Early-Career Faculty Mentoring Seminars
  • Danielle Allen: A site of resistance and/or reclamation? The role of the Black church in the charter school movement
  • Xiaohua Liu and Qi Xing: Decade of Challenges and Opportunities: China and the United States—How to Promote Early Childhood Education Equity for Quality Access
  • Ariel Tichnor-Wagner: Promoting Global Education in the United States: Discourses of Diverse Policy Entrepreneurs
  • Christopher Harrison (alumnus): Advocacy Groups and the Discourse of Teacher Policy Reform: An Analysis of Policy Narratives
  • Janeula Burt, Dana Thompson Dorsey, Shelby Eden Dawkins-Law, Camile Fears Floyd, Cherish Williams: Place, Space, and Race: Discovering the Dimensions of Rural and Racial Identities of Adolescents in Segregated High Schools
  • Christopher Harrison (alumnus), John Wachen, Stephanie Brown, Lora A. Cohen-Vogel: A View From Within: Lessons Learned From Doing Continuous Improvement Research
  • Dana Griffin: Parenting Practices of Black Mothers Amid an Uptick in Racial Violence: Implications for Family-School-Community Partnerships
  • Nelson Flores, Sherick A. Hughes: Educational Policy and the Cultural Politics of Race
  • Dana C. Griffin, discussant: Examining the Impact of School Culture and Climate on Equity and Access
  • Dana C. Griffin, discussant: Family Engagement in Secondary and Postsecondary Schools
  • John Wachen, Cheryl Varghese: Adoption of In-State Tuition Policies for Undocumented Students: Lessons from Policy Narratives
  • Brooke Midkiff, paper session chair: Federal and State Higher Education Policy Making
  • Mark Andrew Johnson, Catherine Marshall: The Voices of Teachers Organizing for North Carolina: A Case Study of Social Movement Unionism
  • Carla Marie Firetto, P. Karen Murphy, Jeff A. Greene, Mengyi Li, Wiwei Wei, Cristin Montalbano, Brendan Hendrick, Racle Miriam Vriend Croniger: Using Quality Talk to Foster Transfer of Students' Critical-Analytic Discussions to Their Argumentative Writing
  • Jeremy Godwin: Détourning American Civil Religion Through Snowpiercer: Problem or Promise?
  • Jocelyn A. Glazier, Mandy Bean, (alumna), Cheryl Mason Bolick: Digging In: Unearthing the Impact of Experiential Education in Teacher Education
  • Dana C. Griffin, et. al: Caribbean and African American Adolescents' Academic Achievement: Examining School Bonding and Family Support as Protective Factors
  • Thurston Domina, Paul Hanselman, Andrew McEachin, Priyanka Agarwal, NaYoung Hwang, Ryan Lewis: Beyond Tracking and Detracking: The Dimensions of Organizational Differentiation in Schools
  • Paul Hanselman, Thurston Domina, NaYoung Hwang: Schools, Maintained Inequalities, and Algebra for All
Poster Presentations
  • Patrick Akos, Jen Kretchmar: Investigating Grit as a noncognitive Predictor of College Success
  • Kelly Johnson Barber-Lester, Sharon Derry, Lana Minshew, Janice Anderson: Orchestrating Collaborative Meaning-Making in Complex Science Classrooms: A Study of Macro-Script Design
  • Sharilyn Steadman, Diana B. Lys, Elbert Maynard: edTPA Implementation: Impact of Faculty Familiarity With edTPA on Teacher Candidates' Experiences in event Implementing the edTPA—a National Performance-Based Assessment: Research on Concerns, Implications, and Impact
  • Michael Caprino: Motivation, Resilience, and Rural Students With Learning Disabilities
  • Jeff A. Greene, Dana Z. Copeland, Victor M. Deekins, Seung Yu: New Literacies, New Challenges: Modeling Self-Regulated Learning and Epistemic Cognition Using Think-Aloud Protocol Data
  • Catherine Elizabeth Scott: A comparison Between Flipped and Lcture-Based Instruction in the Calculus Classroom
  • Michael Harris Little: A Profile Analysis of Kindergarten Teachers’ Views on School Readiness
  • Michael Harris Little: Measuring More: Teacher Effects on Executive Function in Kindergarten

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Tuesday, Apr. 12

Education Minor Capstone Presentations
1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m.
Main Floor, Peabody Hall

Thursday, Apr. 21

Exploring Successful Opportunities and Strategies for Employing Individuals with Autism
4 p.m. to 5:30p.m.