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School of Education faculty adopt new mission statement, strategic directions

The faculty of the School of Education have adopted a new mission statement and a new set of strategic directions to guide decisions about priorities and choices about upcoming opportunities.

“Our faculty were deeply engaged in looking at the School’s strengths and the aspirations they hold for themselves, and that our students hold out for us,” said Deb Eaker-Rich, senior associate dean and chief academic officer for the School.

“We feel strongly that our School is positioned well to contribute meaningfully and substantively to the pressing problems facing education today. These new strategic directions will help us guide that work,” Eaker-Rich said.

The mission statement and strategic directions describe and reflect the environment in which the School works, contexts that are important in guiding future decisions, said Eileen Parsons, chair of the School’s faculty.

“Some underestimate the value of mission statements and strategic directions but I think they are essential for the successful functioning of an organization,” Parsons said. “I think the new mission statement and the strategic directions are extremely important for the School of Education. The contexts in which we serve are very complex, expectations are diverse and ever-changing, and resources are limited. Under these shifting conditions, the mission statement and strategic directions provide an anchor that captures our multifaceted work and our aspirations, what we strive to become.

“They enable us to continue the necessary and exemplary work of a professional school situated on a flagship public research university: stellar scholarship directing our respective disciplines; excellent teaching equipping our students with the tools they need to enhance their lives and their communities; and exceptional research and service enabling people to improve their life circumstances locally, nationally, and globally,” Parsons said.

Here are the new mission statement and strategic directions:

Mission Statement

The School of Education was founded in 1885 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the nation’s first public university. Within this great global research institution, the School of Education commits to exemplary research, teaching, and service. The School continues its enduring tradition of promoting excellence through equity, providing visionary leadership, confronting critical educational challenges, and empowering people to positively transform their lives and the world around them.

The School aims to generate scholarship that pushes educational boundaries; to produce research findings that influence policy and shape educational practices; and to prepare and inspire pioneering leaders, in all areas of education, who promote the common good. The ultimate goal of the School of Education’s innovative, collaborative, and interdisciplinary work is to advance a system of high-quality education that enhances the lives of local, national, and global citizens of all ages and backgrounds.

Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction 1:

Conduct cutting-edge research that informs and advances practices, programs, and policies to alleviate educational inequities and other persistent problems.

Strategic Direction 2:

Provide leadership and critique through research, scholarship and teaching to inform decision making about education policy, programs, and practices and prepare diverse and capable educators for the challenges of the future.

Strategic Direction 3:

Establish local, state, national, and global collaborative partnerships to innovate in research, teaching, and service that enhance the education and development of individuals across the lifespan.

Strategic Direction 4:

Support the goals and strategic directions of UNC-CH by promoting our engagement with global educational partners and global perspectives in scholarship, programs, and practice.