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Doctoral student Shelby Dawkins-Law to give talk TODAY on resegregation of schools

Doctoral student Shelby Dawkins-Law will give a talk today at the Institute of African American Research about resegregation of public schools. The talk by Dawkins-Law is entitled “Student Perspectives of Resegregation in North Carolina Public Schools.” Dawkins-Law, who is getting her doctorate in the Policy, Leadership and School Improvement specialty area, is serving this year as president of the Graduate and Professional Students Association. Her talk will begin at noon at the Sonja Haynes Stone Center, Suite 309C. The talk is part of the Institute’s 2014-2015 Graduate Student Brown Bag Series.

Linda Mason appointed journal editor

Linda Mason, professor of special education, has been appointed editor of Learning Disabilities Research and Practice. The announcement was made last week at the Annual Council for Exceptional Children conference. The three-year term will begin in July. The journal is available online here.

REMINDER: Memory researcher Joel Levin to give talk Wednesday

Prominent memory researcher and methodologist Joel Levin of the University of Arizona will visit the School of Education to give a talk on single case design on April 15. The talk – entitled “Single-Case Intervention Research: Recent Efforts to Elevate Its Low Scientific Status” – will be held at 4 p.m. in Peabody 02.

Recent publications, presentations

Keith Sawyer, the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, delivered a lecture as part of the “Learn and Leadership Lecture Series” at McGill University in Montreal, Canada earlier this month. Sawyer’s talk was entitled “Education for Innovation and Creativity.”


Following is a list of activities by School of Education faculty and students in the upcoming American Educational Research Association annual meeting being held later this week in Chicago. (Please let Mike know of any omissions and we’ll add them to the online version of the list!).


After the Fire Alarm: How Value-Added Analyses of Teacher
Preparation Programs May Contribute to Program Improvement Discussant: Bill McDiarmid

The State of the Art in Automated Scoring of Science Inquiry Tasks
Using Automated Scoring to Promote Knowledge Integration in Science - Marcia Linn, Libby Gerard, Ou Lydia Liu, Kihyun (Kelly) Ryoo; Anna Rafferty, Jon Vitale

Understanding the Social Emotional Classroom Climate of Socioculturally and Neurodiverse Children in Early Childhood Education
Social and Cognitive Development Among Dual Language Learning Mexican-Heritage Children Attending Head Start: The Role of Adult–Child Relationships - Alison Gallwey Wishard Guerra, Robert C. Carr

Moving Beyond Tradition: Critical Approaches to Education Policy Analysis
Engendering Leadership. Deconstructing the Dominant Discourse on Masculinity and Leadership: A Feminist Critical Policy Analysis - Catherine Marshall, Mark Andrew Johnson

Professional Development Courses

How to Get Published
Instructor: Jeffrey A. Greene

Invited Speaker Sessions

Eileen Parsons presents "Asset pedagogies and positive outcomes: The necessity of “centricity” in the Division C Affirmative Action Council Session.

A Giant Step Toward Justice in Conducting Education Research and Praxis: The Call for Integrated Study and Research Teams - Interactive Town Hall Session*
Chair: Sherick A. Hughes

AERA 2016? It's Not Too Early to Think About Your Next Proposal
Presenter: Janice L. Anderson

The Bilingual Advantage: Language, Literacy, and the U.S. Labor Market
Discussant: Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon

The White House Initiatives on Educational Excellence for Diverse Groups - Interactive Town Hall Session
Chair: Linda C. Tillman

Standard Setting in the Common Core World: The PARCC and SBAC Experiences
Discussant: Gregory J. Cizek

Roundtable Sessions

Dana Thompson Dorsey presents "A critical race theory critique of Next Generation of Science Standards: Manifestations of “racism as ordinary” and “interest convergence.”

Building Connections by Teaching Language at a Two-Way Immersion School in the Southeast: Laying the Groundwork for Third Spaces Among Parents - Alison McGlinn Turner

Social Justice in 1:1 Initiatives: Schools, Transformation Models, and School Culture - Martinette V Horner, Lana Minshew, Janice L. Anderson

North Carolina Charter Schools Without Transportation: Increasing Access to Learning Opportunities for All Students - Shelby Eden Dawkins-Law

Blogging Disruption: Elementary and Secondary Teachers Engage in Disruptive Literacy Instruction - Aubrey N. Comperatore, Kathryn Ann Caprino, Leigh A. Hall

Persuasive Writing in Rural Middle Schools: A Randomized Control Study - Linda H. Mason, Anne Mong-Cramer, Cheryl Varghese, Justin Garwood, Jill V. Hamm, Allen Murray"

Overcoming Barriers: Institutional Barriers in a 1:1 iPad Initiative at a High-Needs Urban School - Janice L. Anderson, Lana Minshew, Martinette V Horner

Children and Adults Playing and Talking Together: Tools for School Readiness - Alison Gallwey Wishard Guerra, Robert C. Carr, Juan Gaytan

A Critical Race Theory Critique of the Next Generation Science Standards - Eileen R.C. Parsons, Dana Thompson Dorsey

Implementing Educational Innovations at Scale: Lessons From Improvement Science - Lora A. Cohen-Vogel, Allison Rose Socol, Qi Xing, Christopher Harrison, Danielle Allen

Disposable Teachers: Neoliberal Flexploitation and the Proletarianization of North Carolina's Educators - Mark Andrew Johnson

Assessing Students' Commitment to School Using a Sample of Ghanaian Middle School–Age Youth - David Ansong, Gina Chowa, Jaehyun Nam, Columbia University

The Distribution of Effective Teachers Within and Across Districts in North Carolina - Allison Rose Socol, Sachi Takahashi-Rial, Micah Guindon, Hunter Huffman

How a North Carolina School District Extended Employment Protections to Transgender Educators - Clyde Harrelson

Postsecondary Education Enrollment and Completion Status Among Rural College- and Work-Bound Youth: A Follow-Up Investigation From the Rural High School Aspirations Study - Bryan C. Hutchins, Judith L. Meece, Thomas W. Farmer, Matthew J. Irvin

Timing of Transitions Into Adulthood Among Rural Adolescents: An Investigation of Gender, Ethnicity, Family, and Community Influences - Charlotte Agger, Soo-yong Byun, Judith L. Meece

Détourning the Charterization of New Orleans Public Schools With Preservice Teachers - Joseph D. Hooper;
Chair: Janice L. Anderson

Data Use and Classroom Instruction: Have We Hit a Wall? - John Wachen, Christopher Harrison, Lora A. Cohen-Vogel

Meet Journal Editors: Journal Talks 2: The Urban Review - William T. Pink, George W. Noblit

Paper Sessions

Bullying and Challenging Behaviors Among Individuals With Disabilities
Involvement of Students With Exceptionalities in Peer Victimization Across the Fifth and Sixth Grades - Chin-Chih Chen, Jill V. Hamm, Thomas W. Farmer, Kerrylin Lambert, Meera Mehtaji

Contemporary Interpretations and Enactments of John Dewey's Legacy
Would a Contemporary Deweyan Democracy Be Marxist? New Times, New Philosophies, New Educational Directions - Lynda Stone

Critical Conversations in Dual Language Education
Interrupting the Silence of Latina/o Children in Dual Language Education: Voices From the New Latina/o South - Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon

Critical Eduation as Praxis
"Music Educators in Pursuit of Social Justice: A Narrative Analysis - Alison LaGarry

Translating Educational Research into Practice: A Cross-Institutional Telephone Game?
Christopher Harrison; Stephanie Brown, Stacey A. Rutledge; John Wachen.

Critical Educators and the Fight for Social Justice 60 Years Later
"Can We At Least Have Plessy?" Student Perspectives on Resegregation in North Carolina Public Schools - Shelby Eden Dawkins-Law

The Importance of Place and Geographic Relationships: Spatial Elements That Affect Charters and School Choice
Uncapping Choice: Following Patterns of Segregation From the State to District Level - Shelby Eden Dawkins-Law, Eric A. Houck, Ariel Tichnor-Wagner

Critical Perspectives on Pedagogy Across Content Areas
Expanding Approaches to Teaching for Diversity and Justice: Infusing Global Competency Across the Content Areas - Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Hillary Parkhouse, Jocelyn A. Glazier, Jessie Montana Cain

Proactive Test Security Measures for Common Core Assessments
Gregory J. Cizek

Feasibility of Carious Cut Score Moderation Methods
Discussant: Gregory J. Cizek

Procrastination and Calibration: Factors Impacting College Students' Self-Regulated Learning
Discussant: Jeffrey A. Greene

Seeking Social Justice in Early Childhood: Portraits of Children as Active Agents
Discussant: Rebecca S. New

Social Justice, Cultural Capital, and Diversity in School Counseling
Chair: Dana C. Griffin

Studies in Student Motivation: Goals, Efficacy, and Belonging
Teacher and Students' Motivational Beliefs and Perceptions of the Instructional Climate: Two Multilevel Structural Equation Models - Belle Bryant Booker-Zorigian, Ph.D., Winston Salem/Forsyth County School System; Judith L. Meece, Adam Lloyd Holland

Toward More Equitable Science Learning Experiences
Visualizing Science to Support English Learners' Understanding of Energy and Matter Flows in Life Science - Kihyun (Kelly) Ryoo

District Partnerships, Community Collaboration, and Programmatic Innovation: The Impact of Planning, Technology Use, and Building Capacity on School Improvement
Translating Educational Research Into Practice: A Cross-Institutional Telephone Game? - Christopher Harrison, Stephanie Brown, Stacey A. Rutledge, John Wachen

Diverse Approaches to Examining Teacher and Contextual Influences on Student Motivation and Learning
Motivation Patterns of Minority Youth in Segregated Rural Schools - Charlotte Agger, Dana Thompson Dorsey, Judith L. Meece

Historical Antecedents of Current Trends
The Highly Qualified Teacher Provision in No Child Left Behind: A Historical Analysis - Allison Rose Socol

How Far to Go? Rural Postsecondary Choices
Predictors of College Attendance Patterns of Rural Youth - Soo-yong Byun, Judith L. Meece, Charlotte Agger, Hyeyoung Hwang

Identity, Relationships, and Research in the Science Classroom
Chair and discussant: Eileen R.C. Parsons

Methods Explosion!! Showcasing Innovation
Détournement as a Methodological, Representational, and Pedagogical Praxis - James Trier

Mobilizing Support and Opposition in Education: Influence in the 21st Century
Neoliberal Networks and Grassroots Organizations in North Carolina's Education Policy Arena: A Tale of Two Coalitions - Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Mark Andrew Johnson, Catherine Marshall

New Approaches for Funding Schools: Illustrations From Australia, China, and the United States
Using Pot to Build Schools: An Analysis of Colorado's Legalization of Recreational Marijuana - Brooke Midkiff, Eric A. Houck

New Evidence on the Impacts of Early Childhood Interventions
Discussant: Brooke Midkiff

Perspectives on Pathways to College and Enrollment
Chair: Brooke Midkiff


Cambourne's Conditions for Learning as Framework for Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Acquisition and Application Through Professional Development - Kathryn Ann Caprino, Aubrey N. Comperatore, Mandy Bean, Janice L. Anderson

Reflections of New Teacher Efficacy in Pedagogical Practice Dilemmas Related to Justice and Equity in 21st-Century Schools - Ritsa Mallous, Santa Fe College; Harriet Able

A Novel Method for Evaluating Item Quality in Medical and Professional School Exams - Kenneth Royal, Mari-Wells Hedgpeth, Ryan Madanick

The Role of Early English Word Reading in English Reading Comprehension Growth for Language-Minority Learners and Native English-Speaking Students - Jackie Eunjung Relyea, Jill Fitzgerald

The Diffusion of School District Student Assignment Policies - Eric A. Houck

Predictors of Retention and Achievement in Massive Open Online Courses: Student Characteristics and Motivation - Jeffrey A. Greene, Christopher Oswald; Jeffrey Pomerantz

Reaching Rural Teachers: A Comparison Between Webcam and Face-to-Face Coaching - Cheryl Varghese, Mandy Bean, Mary Bratsch, Lynne Vernon-Feagans

Coming to Terms With Experiential Education: Teachers' Deliberations and Actions - Jocelyn A. Glazier, Mandy Bean

Story Supports Toolkit: A Curriculum to Support Collaborative Storytelling - Robert C. Carr

The Impact of Sex Education Policy in Iowa Using Synthetic Control - Brooke Midkiff

Promising Scholarship in Education: Dissertation Fellows and Their Research
Language and Literacy Learning in Middle-Class Black Families: Parental Practices and Beliefs - Dede Addy

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Shelby Dawkins-Law on resegregation of public schools
Sonja Haynes Stone Center, Suite 309C

Wednesday, Apr. 15

Joel Levin on Single-Case Intervention Research
4 p.m.
Peabody 02

Thursday, Apr.16

Dean's Circle reception
6 p.m.
George Watts Hill Alumni Center

Monday, Apr. 27

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Ximena Franco
“Classroom Quality, Teacher-Child Interactions, and Child Outcomes in the Nuestros Ninos School Readiness Project”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 11

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Kara Hume, Lauren Turner Brown and Brian Boyd
“Training Community Providers to Support Families and Their Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 18

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Meghan Swanson
“The Neural Circuitry of Early Language Development in Human Infants”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B