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University, Smith family establish fund to help students

Carolina, in consultation with the Smith family, has established the Dean E. Smith Opening Doors Fund to accept donations to honor Coach Smith and to support Carolina students, including graduate students in education and social work. Those seeking to make a gift in honor of Coach Smith may do so online here.

Alumna Kathryn Ohle working on reading project in Alaska

Kathryn Ohle (Ph.D. ’14), now an assistant professor at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, is helping lead an effort to provide reading materials to Native Alaskan children in their native dialect. Ohle has worked on a project in which children’s books are translated and narrated in the native dialect Cup’ik, which is spoken in a region of central Alaska. Thirteen books were made available on the website as part of an effort to encourage children to read. Ohle is working to add other books translated into other Alaska Native languages. Read more about the project here.

Keith Sawyer gives keynote at Montessori conference

Keith Sawyer, the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, gave the keynote address at a conference of the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association on Saturday in Atlanta. Sawyer’s talk was entitled “The Adult’s Role in Adolescent Creativity, Collaboration, and Discovery.”

Doctoral student Robert Carr wins travel award

Doctoral student Robert Carr has won a $500 travel award to attend this year’s American Educational Research Association conference in Chicago. The award was given by the AERA’s Early Education & Child Development Special Interest Group. In acknowledgement of this achievement, Carr will be introduced during the EE/CD SIG business meeting. He will also present two papers during the conference: A poster presentation of his master’s thesis study titled "Story Supports Toolkit: A curriculum to support collaborative storytelling" and a roundtable symposium presentation of a co-authored paper titled "Social and cognitive development among dual language learning Mexican-heritage children attending Head Start: The role of adult-child relationships."

Recent publications, presentations

Able, H., Schultz, T., Sreckovic, M.A., & Garwood, J. (2015). Teacher support and professional development needs for inclusion of students with ASD: Views from the trenches. Teacher Education, Special Education, 38 (1), 44-57.

Glazier, J., Able, H., & Charpentier, A. (2014). The impact of service learning on pre-service professionals’ dispositions toward diversity. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 18 (4), 177-199.

Ender, Jr., Thomas; Reyes, Alex; Coleman, Beth; Gatlin, Lorena; Carrillo, Juan. Book review: Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal, by Aviva Chomsky. Interactions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies. The review is here.

Gemma Mojica and Susan Friel made a joint presentation at the annual meeting of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators in Orlando. The presentation was entitled “Helping Prospective Teachers Notice and Develop Elementary Students' Thinking in the Context of Learning Fractions.”

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Monday, Feb. 23

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Kirsten Kainz and John Sideris
“Designing Intervention Research, Discussing a Broader Framework for Study Power”
Sheryl-Mar South, 284

Wednesday, Feb. 25

SOE Brown Bag: Jocelyn Glazier and colleagues
Peabody 02

Monday, Mar. 2

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Melissa Van Dyke, Laura Louison, Ellen Nacik and Oscar Fleming
“Our Magic Bean:” Enabling Community-Level Early Childhood Successes”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Mar. 16

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Laura Kuhn
“The Role of Language in the Development of Preschoolers’ Executive Functions”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Wednesday, Mar. 18

SOE Brown Bag: Bill McDiarmid and Katie Caprino
Peabody 02

Monday, Mar. 23

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Genna Durante
“Family-Centered Care as a Predictor of Early Intervention Outcomes for Ethnically Diverse Families”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Apr. 27

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Ximena Franco
“Classroom Quality, Teacher-Child Interactions, and Child Outcomes in the Nuestros Ninos School Readiness Project”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 11

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Kara Hume, Lauren Turner Brown and Brian Boyd
“Training Community Providers to Support Families and Their Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 18

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Meghan Swanson
“The Neural Circuitry of Early Language Development in Human Infants”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B