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Eileen Parsons elected to National Association for Research in Science Teaching board

Eileen Parsons, associate professor of science education, has been elected to the Board of Directors for the National Association for Research in Science Teaching. Parsons will serve a three-year term for the association, which is the premier international and national organization in science education research. NARST works to promote research in science education and the communication of knowledge generated by that research, with the goal of helping all learners achieve science literacy.

Experiential education in the MEDX program

The experiential education component of the Masters of Education for Experienced Teachers program is described in a story and accompanying slideshow on the SOE website. In the MEDX program, students participate in an Outward Bound experience or in an alternative experience at the Hub Farm in Durham. The intent of the experience is to demonstrate to teachers new ways of pushing their own students out of their comfort zones and into experiences that can expand learning.

Leigh Hall joins Faculty Learning Community

Leigh Hall, associate professor of literacy studies, has joined Carolina’s Faculty Learning Community on Transforming Teaching. The learning community, made up of nine faculty from across the university, will explore and share ways to improve the courses they teach. The learning community is supported by the Center for Faculty Excellence.

Kathleen Gallagher of FPG gives TEDxUNC talk

Kathleen Gallagher, scientist at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute and clinical associate professor in the School of Education, gave a talk as part of the TEDxUNC series. Gallagher’s work focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based approaches that support the learning and well-being of young children, families, and early childhood professionals in the contexts of poverty and disability. Her talk explored how to raise healthy children. The TEDxUNC event was held Saturday.

Kathleen Gallagher of University of Toronto to give talk on drama

Kathleen Gallagher, Canada Research Chair and academic director of the Centre for Urban Schooling at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, will give a talk on Feb. 25 on using drama in the classroom. Gallagher is the author of the new book “Why Theatre Matters: Urban Youth, Engagement and a Pedagogy of the Real.” The book describes using the drama classroom as a window into the daily challenges of marginalized youth in Toronto, Boston, Taipei, and Lucknow, India. The talk will be held at 4 p.m. in Peabody 02, and is hosted by The High School Journal.

Doctoral students to give talk on queering a math class

Doctoral students Summer Pennell and Bryan Fede will present a talk "Math for a cause: Queering a middle school math class" on Feb. 19. The talk will describe how they collaborated with a classroom teacher on a social justice math class in a local middle school last fall. The curriculum was developed using frameworks of queer pedagogy, critical literacy, and critical math which all value questioning, dialogue, and critical consciousness. The talk will be held at noon in Student Union 3201.

Recent publications, presentations, leaves

Jill Hamm, associate professor of Educational Psychology, has been approved for a Senior Faculty Research and Scholarly Leave for Fall 2015.

Eileen Parsons, associate professor of science education, and Kea Turner (M.A. ’10) published an article, The Importance of History in the Racial Inequality and Racial Inequity in Education: New Orleans as a Case Example, in Negro Educational Review (65, 99-113). The article implicates presentism, the approach that current conditions are solely the consequence of present actions, in the perpetuation of racial inequality and racial inequity in education. They introduce and argue through a critical examination of education in New Orleans the importance of historical reflexivity, an intentional consideration and use of historical patterns, in addressing racial inequalities and inequities.

Catherine Marshall, the Robert Wendell Eaves Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy, has published “Designing Qualitative Research, Sixth Edition,” with Sage Publications. She and her co-author, Gretchen Rossman, have embedded new strategies for assisting in using various approaches of data gathering and for making qualitative studies more accessible in policy settings. For professors, they created strategies for teaching qualitative inquiry. The book is used in a range of fields, as well as in education. Marshall says she is excited about using this new edition in her Fall Field Techniques class. As a side note: Rossman was Marshall's very first doctoral student, in 1984, and the collaboration has continued through all six editions.

With colleagues from Florida State University, Lora Cohen-Vogel, the Robena and Walter E. Hussman, Jr. Distinguished Associate Professor of Policy and Education Reform, has had “The Common Core State Standards Initiative: An event history analysis of state adoption” published in the February issue of the American Journal of Education.

Doctoral student Brooke Midkiff and Lora Cohen-Vogel have just had an article published in the Peabody Journal of Education entitled Understanding Local Instructional Responses to Federal and State Accountability Mandates: A Typology of Extended Learning Time

Lora Cohen-Vogel, Kirsten Kainz and five Policy, Leadership and School Improvement students had an article published last month in Educational Policy entitled “Implementing educational innovations at scale: Remaking researchers into improvement scientists.”

Graduate student Ariel Tichnor-Wagner and Lora Cohen-Vogel have had a review of “Fear and Learning in America” published in the current issue of Teachers College Record.

Kirsten Kainz, Lora Cohen-Vogel and doctoral student Christopher Harrison have had a piece published in the American School Board Journal on continuous improvement research as a strategy for boosting teacher quality.

Policy, Leadership and School Improvement students Brooke Midkiff and John Wachen co-authored two chapters with Catherine Marshall and Lora Cohen-Vogel, respectively, in the new “Handbook in Education Politics and Policy.”

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FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Jessica Kinard
“Parent-Mediated Intervention for Spanish-Speaking Families of Young Children with ASD”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Feb. 23

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Kirsten Kainz and John Sideris
“Designing Intervention Research, Discussing a Broader Framework for Study Power”
Sheryl-Mar South, 284

Wednesday, Feb. 25

SOE Brown Bag: Jocelyn Glazier and colleagues
Peabody 02

Monday, Mar. 2

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Melissa Van Dyke, Laura Louison, Ellen Nacik and Oscar Fleming
“Our Magic Bean:” Enabling Community-Level Early Childhood Successes”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Mar. 16

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Laura Kuhn
“The Role of Language in the Development of Preschoolers’ Executive Functions”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Wednesday, Mar. 18

SOE Brown Bag: Bill McDiarmid and Katie Caprino
Peabody 02

Monday, Mar. 23

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Genna Durante
“Family-Centered Care as a Predictor of Early Intervention Outcomes for Ethnically Diverse Families”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Apr. 27

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Ximena Franco
“Classroom Quality, Teacher-Child Interactions, and Child Outcomes in the Nuestros Ninos School Readiness Project”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 11

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Kara Hume, Lauren Turner Brown and Brian Boyd
“Training Community Providers to Support Families and Their Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 18

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Meghan Swanson
“The Neural Circuitry of Early Language Development in Human Infants”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B