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Deadline Wednesday for SEAES conference proposals

Wednesday is the deadline for submitting proposals for presentations at the 18th Annual Southeastern Association of Educational Studies. Students and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for the conference – entitled “Be the Messenger: Advocating for Change in the Field of Education” – which will be held on Feb. 7 at the School of Education. Organizers are seeking proposals for posters, paper presentations and panel discussions. Proposals are welcome from teachers, students – including undergraduate students – community members and others who are interested in educational topics. Submit Proposals, comments, and questions to

Recent publications, presentations

Principal Leadership in “Beating the Odds” Schools … Advocates for Social Justice and Equity. Brown, Kathleen M. International Journal of Education for Social Justice. 2014, Vol. 3, No. 2.

Implementing Educational Innovations at Scale Transforming Researchers Into Continuous Improvement Scientists. L Cohen-Vogel, A Tichnor-Wagner, D Allen, C Harrison, K Kainz, Allison Rose Socol, Q Wang. Educational Policy, Dec. 2014.

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ICF and ICF-CY lessons learned: Pandora's box of personal factors. Simeonsson, Rune J.; Lollar, Don; Björck-Åkesson, Eva; Granlund, Mats; Brown, Scott C.; Zhuoying, Qiu; Gray, David; Pan, Yi. Disability & Rehabilitation. Dec2014, Vol. 36 Issue 25, p2187-2194. 8p. DOI: 10.3109/09638288.2014.892638.

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Understanding the active ingredients in an effective preschool vocabulary intervention: An exploratory study of teacher and child talk during book reading. Wasik, Barbara A.; Hindman, Annemarie H.; Early Education and Development, Vol 25(7), Oct, 2014. pp.1035-1056. Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Sociodemographic Moderators of Middle School Transition Effects on Academic Achievement. Akos, Patrick; Rose, Roderick A.; Orthner, Dennis. Journal of Early Adolescence. Feb2015, Vol. 35 Issue 2, p170-198. 29p. DOI: 10.1177/0272431614529367.

Applying an Implementation Science Framework for Adoption of a Comprehensive Program for High School Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Odom, Samuel L.; Duda, Michelle A.; Kucharczyk, Suzanne. Remedial and Special Education, v35 n2 p123-132 Mar-Apr 2014. (EJ1021022)

Serious challenges require serious scholarship: Integrating implementation science into the scholarly discourse. Greene, Jeffrey Alan. Contemporary Educational Psychology. Jan2015, Vol. 40, p112-120. 9p. DOI: 10.1016/j.cedpsych.2014.10.007.

Educational Sorting and Residential Aspirations among Rural High School Students: What Are the Contributions of Schools and Educators to Rural Brain Drain? Petrin, Robert A.; Schafft, Kai A.; Meece, Judith L.. American Educational Research Journal, v51 n2 p294-326 Apr 2014. (EJ1021959)

Directed Consultation, the SEALS Model, and Teachers’ Classroom Management. Motoca, Luci M.; Farmer, Thomas W.; Hamm, Jill V.. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, v22 n2 p119-129 Jun 2014. (EJ1025149)

Supporting Independence in Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum Hume, Kara; Boyd, Brian A.; Hamm, Jill V.. Remedial and Special Education, v35 n2 p102-113 Mar-Apr 2014. (EJ1021071)

A philosophical deconstruction of leadership and social justice associated with the high-stakes testing and accountability system. Allen, Tawannah G.; English, Fenwick W.; Papa, Rosemary; In: Educational leadership for ethics and social justice: Views from the social sciences. Normore, Anthony H. (Ed); Brooks, Jeffrey S. (Ed); Charlotte, NC, US: IAP Information Age Publishing, pp.135-157, xvii, 210. [Chapter]

The mediating role of parenting in the associations between household chaos and children’s representations of family dysfunction. By: Zvara, B.J.; Mills-Koonce, W.R.; Garrett-Peters, P.; Wagner, N.J.; Vernon-Feagans, L.; Cox, M. Attachment & Human Development. Dec2014, Vol. 16 Issue 6, p633-655. 23p. DOI: 10.1080/14616734.2014.966124.

The distorted looking glass: Examining how housing identity privilege obviates the goals of Brown v. Board of Education at 60. Gooden, Mark A.; Dorsey, Dana N. Thompson; Educational Administration Quarterly, Vol 50(5), Dec, 2014. pp.764-782. Publisher: Sage Publications [Journal Article]

Six Tips for Successful IEP Meetings. Diliberto, Jennifer A.; Brewer, Denise. Teaching Exceptional Children. Nov2014, Vol. 47 Issue 2, p128-135. 8p. DOI: 10.1177/0040059914553205.

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FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Desiree Murray
“A Review of Interventions for Self-Regulation Across Development: Findings and Discussion of Next Steps”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Jan. 26

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Christina Kasprzak and Katy McCullough
“The ECTA System Framework for Building High-Quality early Intervention and Preschool Special Education Systems”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Feb. 9

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Jessica Kinard
“Parent-Mediated Intervention for Spanish-Speaking Families of Young Children with ASD”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Feb. 23

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Kirsten Kainz and John Sideris
“Designing Intervention Research, Discussing a Broader Framework for Study Power”
Sheryl-Mar South, 284

Wednesday, Feb. 25

SOE Brown Bag: Jocelyn Glazier and colleagues
Peabody 02

Monday, Mar. 2

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Melissa Van Dyke, Laura Louison, Ellen Nacik and Oscar Fleming
“Our Magic Bean:” Enabling Community-Level Early Childhood Successes”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Mar. 16

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Laura Kuhn
“The Role of Language in the Development of Preschoolers’ Executive Functions”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Wednesday, Mar. 18

SOE Brown Bag: Bill McDiarmid and Katie Caprino
Peabody 02

Monday, Mar. 23

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Genna Durante
“Family-Centered Care as a Predictor of Early Intervention Outcomes for Ethnically Diverse Families”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, Apr. 27

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Ximena Franco
“Classroom Quality, Teacher-Child Interactions, and Child Outcomes in the Nuestros Ninos School Readiness Project”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 11

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Kara Hume, Lauren Turner Brown and Brian Boyd
“Training Community Providers to Support Families and Their Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B

Monday, May 18

FPG Bag Lunch Seminar: Meghan Swanson
“The Neural Circuitry of Early Language Development in Human Infants”
Sheryl-Mar South, 255 A/B