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Spotlight: Ph.D. student Justin Garwood seeking answers to classroom problems

Ph.D. student Justin Garwood is the subject of the School’s latest Spotlight profile. Garwood, who is in the early childhood, special education and literacy specialization, is conducting research into classroom management techniques. He is motivated by his own experience teaching working in a high school. Garwood recently won the Wilson M. and Anne Brown Award to help him pursue his research. Garwood began his undergraduate career intending to be a lawyer. He did some substitute teaching to earn money for law school and decided to change his career path. The full profile of Garwood is available here.

School Psychology teams compete in Carolina Challenge

Three teams of student from the school psychology program participated in the Carolina Challenge, a competition sponsored by the Kenan-Flagler Business School. The Carolina Challenge is a business and social venture competition designed to promote entrepreneurship. The teams were made up of students in a class taught by Associate Professor Steve Knotek, Intervention and Assessment IV: Intervention Design, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. It was the first time student-led teams from the program have competed in the event. Participating students were Marisa Enrico, Cristin Montalbano, Sevgi Aslan, Melissa Parnell, Brendan Hendrick, Allison Weinstein and Melanie McCabe.

Leigh Hall named to literacy task force

Leigh Hall, associate professor of literacy studies, has been named to the International Reading Association’s Adolescent Literacy Task Force. The panel is charged with working with the IRA to identify strategies to promote and disseminate research-based practices to support high quality adolescent literacy instruction, and to promote those strategies with educational administrators and policymakers.

Cathy Scott advising undergraduate team researching women in STEM

Cathy Scott, clinical assistant professor, is serving as advisor to a team of three undergraduate students who have won a $15,000 award to study women in various countries who obtain undergraduate degrees in STEM disciplines. The student team – comprised of Kathleen Borden, Samantha Harrington and Fareeda Zikry – won the 2013-14 Vimy Global Team Award from the UNC Center for Global Initiatives. The award is given annually to one interdisciplinary team of students to pursue research or service projects outside the U.S. The students – who are all from College of Arts and Sciences programs – are pursuing a project entitled “Looking to Jordan to Improve STEM Education in the United States.” The award will enable them to travel to Jordan this summer to interview students about their experiences pursuing engineering degrees.

Cohen-Vogel, PLS students present at national conference

Lora Cohen-Vogel, the Robena and Walter E. Hussman, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Policy and Education Reform, and five students from the Policy, Leadership and School Improvement Ph.D. strand made presentations at the annual meeting of the Association for Education Finance and Policy earlier this month in San Antonio. The participating students: Shelby Dawkins-Law, Christopher Harrison, Ariel Tichnor-Wagner and Qi Xing. Together, they presented four papers and two posters on topics ranging from state charter school caps to teacher quality gaps between more and less disadvantaged schools.

Sherick Hughes serving as AERA junior faculty mentor

Sherick Hughes, associate professor, will be serving as a junior faculty mentor for the American Educational Research Association’s Division G during the AERA annual meeting next week. Hughes, the winner of the 2013 AERA Division G Early Career Award, was invited to return to serve in the mentoring role.

James Gallagher profiled in News & Observer

James Gallagher, the director of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute for 17 who died in January, was profiled today in The News & Observer of Raleigh, describing Gallagher as “one of the world’s foremost experts on special education.” Among the accounting of his long career, the article describes that Gallagher approved the initial funding for “Sesame Street” while he served in the Department of Education. He helped develop the Individualize Education Plan, which is commonly used in schools nationwide today. The full profile is available here.

Alumna Cindi Rigsbee in EdWeek blog: Beginning teachers need more than grit

Cindi Rigsbee (A.B.Ed. ’79, M.Ed. ’03) in a blog post featured by EdWeek says beginning need stamina to stay with a tough job, but they also need greater support. In the article, Rigsbee shares how she resigned her job after finishing her first year of teaching. Looking back on that time, she knows that she needed more support to be successful. Rigsbee is a National Board Certified Teacher who works on teacher recruitment and retention initiatives with the N.C. Department of Public Instruction. She was North Carolina Teacher of the Year and a finalist for National Teacher of the Year in 2009. She serves the School of Education as chair of its Alumni Council. The EdWeek blog post is available here.

GSA hosting first annual Spring Formal on Friday

The School of Education’s Graduate Student Association will host its first annual Spring Formal, "An Evening Under the Stars," on Friday, March 28. The event, which runs from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. will be held in The Great Room, located at Top of the Hill on Franklin Street. Tickets are $20 per person. For more information, contact GSA Social Chairs Cheryl Varghese at or and Danielle Allen at

SCALE putting together team for the Great Human Race

SCALE is seeing volunteers and donors to support its team in the Great Human Race, an event taking place in Durham on March 29. Team members may walk or run in the 5K or 10K race. To register for the team or donate to the cause, go to

Recent Publications

Cathy Scott published an article in the NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership (Winter/Spring 2014) titled: Professional Development Models at Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Focused High Schools.

AERA Participants

Following is a list of School of Education faculty members and graduate students who are participating in the American Educational Research Association’s 2014 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia:

American Educational Research Association
2014 Annual Meeting
April 3-7, 2014 - Philadelphia, PA
“The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy”

  • A Tribute to AERA Past President Elliot Eisner
    Participant: Madeleine Grumet
  • Pre-conference seminar: Navigating the academy: A seminar for early career scholars in Division G.
    Participant: Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon
  • AERA Presidential Session: Climbing Out of the Ivory Tower: New Forms of Research-Practice Partnerships
    Participant: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel
  • Aesthetic and Practical Curriculum Subjects in Modern Primary Schooling: Nice or Just Necessary?
    Discussant: Madeleine Grumet
  • Applied Autoethnography: Process, Product, and Innovation for Educational Practice and Policy
    Instructor: Sherick A. Hughes
  • Climbing Out of the Ivory Tower: New Forms of Research-Practice Partnerships
    Participant: Lora A. Cohen-Vogel
  • Contemporary Issues and Transformations in Rural Resource Communities Rural/Nonrural Differences in College Attendance Patterns
    Participants include Judith L. Meece and alumnus Matthew J. Irvin.
  • How Validation of Score Inferencs is Different From Justification of Test Use
    Presenter: Gregory J. Cizek
  • Developing Excellent Teachers in Rural and Remote Communities: Challenges and Efforts in Rural Alaska
    Discussant: Bill McDiarmid
  • Dewey Studies SIG Business Meeting and Lecture
    Participant: Lynda Stone
  • Differentiation, Diversity, and Technology Designing Automated Guidance to Improve Diverse Students’ Understanding of Energy Flow
    Participant: Kihyun (Kelly) Ryoo
  • Division A. Affirmative Action Advancing Educational Equity in U.S. Schools: Scholars Make the Case for Disadvantaged Students
    Participant: Dana Thompson Dorsey
  • Education Law and Policy Issues in Education
    Chair: Dana Thompson Dorsey
  • Educational Research for Revealing Conflicts Derived From Different Ideologies in China
    Discussant: Ying Zhao
  • How to Defuse the Tension Between Radicalism and Utilitarianism Toward Regulating Teachers’ Salary in China
    Participant: Ying Zhao
  • Employing Asset-Based Frameworks to Understand Latino Male Achievement in the K-16 Educational Pipeline: Giftedness From the Margins: Mapping the Identities of Mexican-Origin Ghetto Nerds
    Juan F. Carrillo
  • Finding Your Voice at AERA 2015: An Open Forum With Division K Section Co-chairs
    Presenter: Janice L. Anderson
  • Flipping the Script on Conversations Surrounding Race and Diversity
    Discussant: Dana Thompson Dorsey
  • How to Get Published: Guidance From Emerging and Senior Scholars
    Instructor: Jeffrey A. Greene
  • Innovation in Research on the Role of Context in Engagement
    Discussant: Judith L. Meece
  • Kindergarten Readiness
    The Transition to Formal Schooling: Examining Structural Differences Between Preschool and Kindergarten
    Adam Lloyd Holland of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
  • Media Creation and Use in Learning
    Chair: James Trier
  • Toward Structural Attribution: Using Détournement With Preservice Teachers to Challenge the Teacher Savior Myth
    Ashley Summer Boyd, Amy Hahn Senta
  • On the Effectiveness of Educational Factors: Do Tracking, Teaching, Caring, Equity Promotion, and Policy Matter?:
    Accountable for Caring: Cultivating Teachers Who Care in Urban High Schools
    Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Danielle Allen
  • Policy Implications for Science and Math Education, Visual Spatial Learning, and Neuromyth
    Discussant: Kristin R. Dellinger
  • Poster Session: Teacher Evaluation and Professional Identity Formation: Examining Effects on Teacher Development
    Laura Gutmann
  • Poster Session: What Individual, Familial, and Contextual Factors Predict the Postsecondary Completion Status of Rural Men and Women?
    Participants include: Charlotte Agger, Judith L. Meece, Bryan C. Hutchins
  • Poster Session: Building Capacity for Improvement Through Collaboration: Findings From the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools
    Participants include: Christopher Harrison, John Wachen, Allison Rose Socol
  • Poster Session: Kinecting: Aiding Student Conceptualization of Motion Through Visualization
    Steven Wall, Janice L. Anderson
  • Poster Session: Examining Self-Regulated Learning Generality and Specificity Within and Across Academic Domains and Contexts
    Jeffrey A. Greene, Cheryl Mason Bolick, William P Jackson, Michael Caprino, Christopher Oswald
  • Pushing Boundaries Through Digital and Visual Methodologies Political Remix Videos in Teacher Education
    James Trier
  • Research and the Promise of Educational Improvement: International Perspectives on a Vexed Question
    Discussant: Lynda Stone
  • Roundtable Session: Educational Issues and Possibilities in New Immigrant Gateway States: The Case of North Carolina
    Chair: Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon
  • Roundtable Session: How Latina/o Children Fared in North Carolina in 2000-2010
    Participant: Xue Lan Rong
  • Roundtable Session: The Decade of the 1990s: The Lost Years of Opportunity for North Carolina’s ESL Students
    Sharon LaBurt Shofer
  • Roundtable Session: Countering the Silencing of Latina/o Children in the New South: Testimonios of Mexican Immigrant Mothers
    Claudia G. Cervantes-Soon, Alison McGlinn Turner
  • Roundtable Session: She Doesn’t Even Act Mexican: Smartness Trespassing in the New South
    Participants include: Juan F. Carrillo
  • Roundtable Session: A Culture of Critique and Competition: Positioning School Music and Music Teacher Education
    Alison LaGarry
  • Roundtable Session: Queering Cultural Capital: Applications for the K-12 Classroom
    Summer Pennell
  • Roundtable Session: Binders of Women and the Blinders of Men: Feminist Critique of Education Policy
    Catherine Marshall, Brooke Midkiff
  • Roundtable Session: The Use of Narrative Inquiry in Understanding Successful Latina/o Students’ Mathematical Identity
    Stephanie Anne Wright
  • Roundtable Session: The Dialectic Between Waiting for “Superman” and The First Year
    James Trier
  • Roundtable Session: Black, Brown, and Rural All Over: The Impact of Rural Identity on the Educational Aspirations of High School Students
    Participants include: Dana Thompson Dorsey
  • School Characteristics and Student Connectedness
    Chair: Judith L. Meece
  • School Characteristics and Experiences of Youth From Minority Backgrounds in Rural Communities: Relation to Educational Aspirations
    Participants include Judith L. Meece
  • School-Wide Improvement
    Turning Around Schools in North Carolina via “Scaffolded Craftsmanship”
    Participant: Kathleen M. Brown
  • Strategies to Improve High School Completion, College Enrollment, and Human Capital Accumulation
    The Impact of Sex Education on Graduation Rates: A Difference in Differences Approach
    Brooke Midkiff
  • Teacher Professional Development and Practice
    Innovation and Transformation: The Influence of Experiential Education on Teachers’ Beliefs and Understandings
    Jocelyn A. Glazier, Mandy Bean, Steven Knotek, Marisa Enrico
  • The Politics of Accountability in Educational Decision Making: Implications of Research for Education Policy Reform
    No Job Left Behind: The Presidential Platform on 21st-Century Education Goals
    Participants: Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Allison Rose Socol
  • The Role of Practice, Rehearsal, and Inquiry in Apprenticing Preservice Teachers to Professional Practice: Peer Interactions and Identity Development
    Steven Wall, Janice L. Anderson, Julie Ellison Justice
  • The Video Mosaic Collaborative: An Online Professional Development Resource for Mathematics Education and the Learning Sciences
    Chair: Sharon Derry
  • Design Research With Video Mosaic Collaborative-Based Instructional Activities for Online Teacher Education
    Participant: Sharon Derry
  • Triennial Travesties of 2014
    Chair: Gregory J. Cizek
  • The Uncommon Core: A Problematized Procrustean Primer
    Gregory J. Cizek

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