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Dean Bill McDiarmid participates in discussions regarding education

Bill McDiarmid was invited to a lunch on campus with Gov. Bev Perdue, UNC system President Tom Ross, Chancellor Holden Thorp and other campus leaders for a free-wheeling conversation about education and the economy in North Carolina.  Much of the conversation was grounded in the report on the economy co-authored by Peter Coclanis, director of the Global Research Institute, and Dan Gitterman, associate professor of public policy, entitled “A Way Forward: Building a Globally Competitive South.”

McDiarmid also is serving on a Board of Trustees and College of Arts and Sciences subcommittee on 21st Century Undergraduate Education at Carolina.  The subcommittee is co-chaired by Karen Gil, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Trustee Alston Gardner. The focus of the first meeting was demographic data illustrating who are likely to be Carolina students in the future as a basis for conversations about the most appropriate undergraduate education over the next couple of decades.

And, McDiarmid was one of two deans invited to the National Technology Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., last week. Attending were leaders of most of the major organizations and associations that focus on technology in education as well as key staff from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. McDiarmid is serving on a subcommittee that is producing recommendations for preparing teacher education leaders – deans, department chairs, program directors, etc. – to help embed TPACK – Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge – in preparation programs. The subcommittee is producing an implementation guide that will enable leaders to benchmark their progress toward genuine integration of various technologies into teacher preparation programs as well as case studies that will illustrate strategies that leaders from various types of institutions could use to spur and support such integration.


Julie Justice appears on ‘The State of Things’

Julie Justice, assistant professor of literacy, appeared as a guest on WUNC-FM’s ‘The State of Things’ program on Thursday, taking part in a conversation about how the use of intensive writing across subjects can help students. The program examined issues raised by an article in the October edition of The Atlantic magazine entitled “The Writing Revolution” and the book “The Good School: How Smart Parents Get Their Kids the Education they Deserve.” The Atlantic article describes a struggling Staten Island high school that implemented an intensive focus on analytic writing in all subjects. An online audio stream of the program is available here.


Education Minor reception, Juan Carrillo talk on Wednesday

An informational reception for the Minor in Education and a talk by Assistant Professor Juan Carrillo will be held Wednesday, starting at 4 p.m. in the Peabody Hall Lobby. Carrillo’s talk is entitled “Chican@ Education: Blazing the Trail.” The talk will be followed with a reception offering light refreshments and a reception to which students interested in applying for the Minor in Education are invited. Other faculty, students and staff are also encouraged to attend.


Lora Cohen-Vogel being nominated for AEFP board

Lora Cohen-Vogel, Robena and Walter E. Hussman, Jr. Distinguished Associate Professor of Policy and Education Reform, has been asked to stand for nomination to election to the board of directors of the Association for Education Finance and Policy. The AEFP has as its members leading education policy scholars from around the world dedicated to understanding the means by which resources are generated, distributed and used to enhance human learning. Board terms last three years. The election will take place in March.


Event, new book marks 40th anniversary of Abecedarian Project

The 40th anniversary of the launch of the Abecedarian Project will be marked with a special conversation with originators of the project and others who have been involved with it on University Day, Oct. 12. The Abecedarian Project was launched at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute to study the benefits of early childhood education for poor children. FPGCDI will host a conversation featuring Craig Ramey, Joseph Sparling, Sharon Landesman Ramey and others. The Rameys, noted developmental psychologists who are now affiliated with Virginia Tech, and Sparling, an honorary professorial fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a senior scientist emeritus at FPGCDI, were central in developing the Abecedarian approach. Also marking the anniversary, a new book entitled “ABECEDARIAN: The Ideas, the Approach, and the Findings” written by the Rameys and Sparling is being published. The event takes place 2 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. in Conference Rooms A&B of the Sheryl-Mar Building.


Claudia Cervantes-Soon article published, being translated for Iranian journal

Assistant Professor Claudia Cervantes-Soon has had her article – “Testimonios of Life and Learning in the Borderlands: Subaltern Juarez Girls Speak” – published in the journal Equity & Excellence in Education in a special issue devoted to “Chicana/Latina Testimonios: Methodologies, Pedagogies and Political Urgency.” The article presents descriptions of two high school girls coming of age in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Cervantes-Soon’s home city. The article is being translated for publication in a new online women’s studies journal in Farsi in an upcoming issue titled “Politicizing Women’s Body.” Cervantes-Soon’s article is available here.


Register now for SCALE’s annual Read.Write.Act Conference

SCALE, the Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education, is looking for your participation in its Fourth Annual Virtual Read.Write.Act Conference, Nov. 1-3. The theme this year: “Literacy as a National Priority.” The conference this year will include two days of online conference on Thursday and Friday, followed on Saturday by a local event that includes two panel discussions and a networking lunch. The discussions are aimed at addressing how students and community members can help to make literacy a national priority. The full agenda for the conference is available here. More information, including a registration link, is available here.


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Minor in Education reception and Juan Carrillo talk
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Peabody Hall Lobby and Room 104

University Day commemoration
11 a.m.
Memorial Hall

School of Education Foundation Board meeting
12:30 p.m.
Carolina Inn

Oct. 31
School of Education Research and Practice Lunch Series

Nov. 1-3
SCALE’s “Read.Write.Act Conference”
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