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Kathleen Lane presenting in FPG Seminar Series today

Kathleen Lane, professor of special education, will present at today’s event in the FPG Child Development Institute Seminar Series. The talk is entitled “Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-Tiered (CI3T) Models of Prevention: A Focus on Systematic Screening.” Lane’s presentation will begin at noon at Sheryl-Mar South in the second floor conference rooms, Rooms 255 A&B.


Brown Bag event on Wednesday features ‘Reconnect and Recharge’ series

Wednesday’s SAC Brown Bag event will feature a discussion of the School of Education’s “Reconnect and Recharge” series, which brings recent teacher education graduates together to share their successes and challenges. The event will be at noon in Peabody 02. Jocelyn Glazier, Harriet Able, Ashley Boyd, Ritsa Mallous, and Kristen Bell Hughes will present. Their talk is entitled “Reconnect and Recharge: Plugging New Teachers into Support Outlets.” The discussion will examine the Reconnect and Recharge model, highlighting the themes reflected in the dilemmas participants have shared.  Some of the problem solving strategies participants have used to support one another in these seminars also will be discussed. Light lunches will be provided for approximately 25 people. The lunches are made possible through the generous support of Malbert Smith (M.Ed. ’77, Ph.D. ’80) and Metametrics, Inc. Bring a drink, and plan to attend!


Leigh Hall named member of literacy task force

Leigh Hall, associate professor of literacy studies, has been named a member of the International Reading Association's 2012-2013 IRA Adolescent Literacy Task Force. The Task Force works with IRA to identify strategies for communicating IRA's Adolescent Literacy Position statement to state governors, school superintendents, and other relevant state policy makers. The task force also works to promote and disseminate research-based practices relevant to the goals of the position statement that support high quality adolescent literacy instruction.


Judith Meece work with rural high school students profiled on LEARN NC blog

Judith Meece, professor of educational psychology, and her work exploring the aspirations of rural high school students is described in a post on The Well, the blog of LEARN NC. Meece leads the Rural High School Aspirations Study, one of the four major studies being conducted by the National Research Center on Rural Education Support. The study is generating new information about rural high school students’ aspirations, their preparatory activities and planning, and the impact of school experiences, geographic location, economic status, cultural or ethnic origins, family background, peer relations, and community characteristics on their aspirations and preparatory activities. More details about the study are available in The Well’s post here.


Xue Rong work with immigrants featured on LEARN NC blog

The work of Xue Lan Rong, professor of social studies education and sociology of education, and her collaborator Judith Preissle of the University of Georgia is featured in a post on The Well, the blog of LEARN NC. To help address the needs of immigrant students, Rong and Preissle examined census data and current educational research to make recommendations for educators in their book Educating Immigrant Students in the 21st Century: What Educators Need to Know. Rong and Preissle say that as the proportion of immigrant children grows in classrooms, It is imperative that educators seek to better understand and serve their needs. The blog post, available here, contains a list of tips and suggestions.


Jill Fitzgerald presenting as Reading Hall of Fame inductee

Jill Fitzgerald, who retired last year from the School of Education, will give a Reading Hall of Fame inductee presentation at the International Reading Association’s annual convention in May in Chicago. Fitzgerald’s talk is entitled “Literacy and multilingual learners.” Fitzgerald was inducted into the Reading Hall of Fame last year, an honor given to recognize her extraordinary contributions to theory and research in the study of literacy. Fitzgerald now works as a distinguished research scientist at MetaMetrics Inc. in Durham.


PhD student Helen Crompton contributes two chapters to book

Helen Crompton, a PhD student in the Culture, Curriculum, and Change program, has authored two chapters for the upcoming Handbook of Mobile Learning, to be published by Routledge late this year. Crompton’s chapters are chapter one – A Diachronic Overview of Mobile Learning: Toward Learner-Centered Education, and the fourth chapter, Mobile Learning: New Approach, New Theory.


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March 12
FPG Seminar: Kathleen Lane
“Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-Tiered (CI3T) Models of Prevention: A Focus on Systematic Screening”
Sheryl-Mar South, 2nd Floor conference rooms

March 22
Luis Moll lecture: Only Life Educates: Mobilizing Cultural Resources for Teaching and Learning
7 p.m.
Peabody 104

March 28
SOE Faculty meeting
1:30 p.m.
Peabody 206

March 29
Robert Pianta lecture
4 p.m.
George Watts Hill Alumni Center

March 29
Pedro Noguera lecture
6:30 p.m.
Tate-Turner-Kuralt Auditorium

March 30
Robert Pianta brown bag talk (faculty only)
12:30 - 2 p.m.
Peabody 02