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Accreditation teams visit the School of Education

National and state accreditation teams are visiting the School of Education Nov. 15-19 to review the School and its programs. The teams will determine the extent to which the School of Education meets the standards and quality assurance requirements that are expected of schools and colleges of education.

A total of 28 visitors representing the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) are conducting the accreditation visit.

The NCATE team is looking at the School of Education as a unit. The NCDPI team is reviewing the School’s individual academic programs that lead to eligibility for licensure.

The teams are looking for evidence that the School of Education is accepting qualified students and educating highly qualified teachers and other school personnel. In addition, they are looking for evidence that the School’s programs and faculty have a unified mission reflected in a conceptual framework.   

They also are examining the School’s assessment system to insure that the School is collecting and analyzing data on its applicants, its current students and the performance of its graduates. They will determine whether the School is using the data effectively to inform students of their progress and to improve its programs.

The visit began with a reception featuring student exhibits that highlighted the most important aspects of the academic programs.  Throughout the visit, the accreditation teams are reviewing numerous documents providing information about the School and evidence of its work. In addition, they are conducting interviews with many people in the School, across the campus and at partnership schools and internship sites.  

Team chairs will provide preliminary feedback to School of Education officials at the end of the visit. The official reports will be received within 52 days of the visit. The School will have an opportunity to respond to the report and provide additional information if appropriate.

A final decision regarding the outcome of the accreditation review will be announced in spring 2009.