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Comments from local students who participated in the teleconference

In expressing their thanks after the teleconference to Björn Hennings and the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education, local students wrote:

“It was a great opportunity to have a video conference with our classmates across the Atlantic Ocean. It felt really amazing to see our friends’ faces and hear their voices!”

“You could not imagine the exhilarating effect it had on me when I walked in and saw those faces in Belgium. It was amazing! I learned a lot too. … and what made it better was having it live!”

“For my friends and me, it was fun to see all our friends on the screen and think, ‘Wow! They’re on the other side of the world!’ … This is something I will never forget!”

“It was fun to talk to my friends and classmates overseas. You provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“It was a lot more fun to learn about Europe from our classmates than by reading a book. … It was great to see the eighth graders all the way across the Atlantic.”