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David Moore is visiting scholar

David W. Moore, professor of reading and language arts in the College of Teacher Education and Leadership at Arizona State University, was a visiting scholar at the School of Education this year.

Moore visited our campus in November, January and April to work with literacy faculty and doctoral students, lead a seminar on adolescent literacy and provide input to the Student Coalition for Literacy Education.

On April18, he presented a public lecture on “Adolescent Academic Literacy: What Is Represented?” He reviewed the research literature on academic literacy instruction for adolescents, concentrating on supplemental literacy interventions as well as literacy instruction across the middle and high school subject areas. Using the metaphor of a photo album, he pointed out what is portrayed clearly, the story behind the portrayal, what is fuzzy and what is not in the picture.

Moore teaches secondary school teacher education courses at Arizona State, specializing in adolescent literacy. His 25-year publication record balances research reports, professional articles, book chapters and books. From 2000-04, he co-chaired the International Reading Association’s Commission on Adolescent Literacy.

Leigh Hall, assistant professor of literacy education at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Education, hosted Moore this year.