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Smallwood Foundation continues support for women in educational leadership

The Frances C. and William P. Smallwood Foundation, a family foundation based in Fort Worth, Texas, has announced a gift of $50,000 to the School of Education for 2006-07. The gift will provide support for selected women students in the Educational Leadership Program.

Since 1993, the Smallwood Foundation has funded 30 doctoral students in educational leadership, benefiting the students who have participated as well as the educational systems where they have subsequently become leaders.  

“While progress has been made in the numbers of women serving in administrative positions, the vast majority of top level positions are still held by men,” said Catherine Marshall, program advisor and professor of educational leadership. “We are grateful to the Smallwood Foundation for providing young women in our Educational Leadership Program the opportunity to excel in their academic pursuits as they prepare to be leaders in education.”

Over the years, the Smallwood Fellowship program has evolved into the “Smallwood Fellowship Experience,” which includes a mentorship program for the Smallwood Fellows, monthly seminars and attendance at a national leadership conference.  The culminating event is the Smallwood Dialogue, an annual lecture for area educators hosted on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.