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Faye Coleman killed in automobile accident

Faye Coleman, a program assistant for the School Psychology Program and the Educational Psychology, Measurement and Evaluation Program, was hit in her car by a drunk driver in Hillsborough, N.C. on Jan. 21.  She died at the scene of the accident.

Coleman, 63, had worked at the School of Education since September 1996.

Writing to students and faculty, Professor Rune Simeonsson, chair of the School Psychology Program, said of Coleman, “She was a very special person and meant so much to all of us here now and to many others who were part of the program in the past.”

“Faye was a warm and caring person who always greeted students, faculty and visitors in a friendly and welcoming way, making people feel comfortable,” commented Professor Barbara Wasik.  “She helped students and faculty in numerous ways to do their work.”

“Faye was sunshine,” said colleague Jane Gorey. “Everything was brighter, happier because she stopped by to say hello. You cannot replace someone like that.”

In a strong show of appreciation and fondness for Coleman, the students in the School Psychology Program are creating a memory book.  Many students ─ both current and former ─ have expressed their desire to contribute to the book.

Coleman is survived by two daughters, Jill and Stacey, and two grandsons, Trevor and Landon.