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In the Media: Not love at first sight

It wasn’t love at first sight when Lynne Vernon-Feagans first saw Jock Lauterer. Nor was it the second, or the third, but just perhaps it was the fourth time.

The University Gazette tells the story about how Vernon-Feagans, the William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Early Childhood, Intervention and Literacy, and her husband, Jock came, finally, to be a couple. Lauterer is a senior lecturer in the School of Media and Journalism.

The two were classmates at Carolina in the 1960s. Then over the years their paths kept crossing – while jogging in Chapel Hill, on a North Carolina beach and a bar in Pennsylvania.

She told the Gazette that she began asking herself: “Who is this guy and why does he keep following me around?”

She approached him when she saw him in that bar in State College, Pennsylvania.

She walked over to Lauterer’s booth and said, “Excuse me, but I think we were in the same class at UNC-Chapel Hill.”

Lauterer looked up at her. “Oh, you are way too young for that,” he said.

They talked more, fell in love and got married almost two years later – on that beach.

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