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More information, less knowledge has created the Misinformation Age

They predicted a golden Information Age. But it appears what we’ve got is a tarnished Misinformation Age.

The three types of relationship every creative person needs

The magazine Fast Company takes a look at the importance of relationships in cultivating creativity. Keith Sawyer, the School of Education’s Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, is cited in the story.

Should college be free? Experts pick sides, a website that offers financial advice to consumers, asked experts to weigh in on the question. Gregory Cizek, professor of educational measurement and evaluation, responded. He came down on the “No” side of the argument.

Great teachers and school leaders matter

Diana Lys, the School of Education’s recently named assistant dean for program assessment, accreditation and teacher preparation, talks about implementation of the edTPA teacher candidate assessment tool in a profile published by EducationNC.

Three School of Education programs ranked highly by US News & World Report

Three of the School of Education’s programs were ranked in the top 20 in their fields in the latest graduate school rankings issued by US News & World Report.

Not love at first sight

The University Gazette tells the story about how Vernon-Feagans, the William C. Friday Distinguished Professor of Early Childhood, Intervention and Literacy, and her husband, Jock came, finally, to be a couple. Lauterer is a senior lecturer in the School of Media and Journalism.

Will states swap standards-based tests for SAT, ACT?

More and more states are using college-entrance exams to measure student achievement, a trend examined by Education Week. Assessment experts, including the School of Education’s Gregory Cizek, are cited in the story.