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Alumnus Omar Currie gets national attention for use of book

Omar Currie (B.A.Ed. ’13), in his second year of teaching at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School in Orange County, has been in the news for his use of a book in his third grade classroom that depicts two men marrying.

According to various media reports, Currie used the book “King and King” in his classroom to help students address what Currie described as a bullying incident in which one student referred to another as “gay” in a way intended to be derogatory. The book is written as a fable about a prince in search of love and ends up marrying another man.

Some parents complained to the school about the use of the book, prompting a public meeting on Friday (May 15) that drew more than 200 people. Most of those in attendance indicated by their applause support for Currie, according to news reports.

The story has been reported by outlets such as The Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times and local newspapers and television stations.

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