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Searching for clarity on formative assessment

Education Week examined the confusion many teachers face regarding formative assessments, interviewing Gregory Cizek, professor of educational measurement and evaluation, for his perspective.

Alumnus Omar Currie gets national attention for use of book

Omar Currie (B.A.Ed. ’13), in his second year of teaching at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School in Orange County, has been in the news for his use of a book in his third grade classroom that depicts two men marrying.

Eighth graders in Raleigh uncover family secrets, stories in classroom

LEARN NC’s project with to create a teaching guide for using Ancestry resources in teaching social studies and history was the subject of a story on WUNC, the National Public Radio affiliate in Chapel Hill.

Two professors unite, issuing call to improve Latino faculty representation

Juan Carrillo, a faculty member at the School of Education, is one of two professors at the center of this story about how well Latino/a professors feel they are accepted at U.S. universities.

The false promise of marijuana money in education

When Colorado legalized recreational marijuana sales in 2012, advocates predicted $40 million in new revenue for schools each year. Has that worked out? Midkiff and Houck presented their analysis in a presentation at the American Educational Research Association conference on Monday. Their research was picked up by The Atlantic magazine and EdWeek.

The 4 Secrets to Seahawks NFC Success and How They Can be Applied to Business

How do the Seattle Seahawks do it? And is there anything we can learn from them? Especially the way they work together as a team, creating “group flow?” Keith Sawyer, the School of Education’s Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, says yes.