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Keith Sawyer post earns ‘Essential Read’ listing by Psychology Today

A post by Keith Sawyer, the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, about the efficacy of brain imaging has been listed as an “Essential Read” by Psychology Today. Sawyer’s article examines whether imaging is currently helpful in understanding processes within the brain.

In his “Zig Zag” post on the Psychology Today website published Monday, Sawyer takes a look at the current technology used in monitoring activity inside the brain and explores whether that technology is proving helpful in understanding brain functions. The post is based on an article Sawyer wrote for Creativity Research Journal in 2011.

The post, entitled “Brain Imaging: What Good Is it?,” describes “functional magnetic resonance imaging” or fMRI, and how it has been used to study brain activity while subjects perform tasks in an effort to find which areas of the brain are engaged when people do certain things.

Despite much federal funding spent on the studies, the evidence is not convincing that the current technology is providing good answers beyond what cognitive science had already determined, Sawyer writes.

He suggests that new technologies may emerge that address some of the current shortcomings.

The Psychology Today post is available here.