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Dana Thompson Dorsey journal article cited by New York Times columnist

A journal article written by Assistant Professor Dana Thompson Dorsey was cited by Charles Blow, a columnist for The New York Times in a column published by the paper on Saturday, Aug. 24.

In the column, Blow examines how far the nation has come in race relations in the 50 years since the 1963 March on Washington, saying that while many improvements have been made, he is disturbed by the setbacks.

He cites Thompson Dorsey's article "Segregation 2.0: The New Generation of School Segregation in the 21st Century" published in the September edition of the journal Education and Urban Society. In her article, Thompson Dorsey relates data showing that many schools in the U.S. are more racially segregated today than they were in the late 1960s.

Her article, part of a special edition of the journal exploring topics around racial resegregation in urban school districts, examines the legal environment that has allowed resegregation to occur.

Thompson Dorsey's article is available here.

Blow's New York Times column is available here.