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LEARN NC profiled by News14

LEARN NC, an outreach arm of the School of Education that publishes online lesson plans for teachers, was profiled by the cable television news station News14.

LEARN NC maintains a rich library of online resources for educators, including lesson plans and other materials that can be put to work in classroom instruction. All the materials are offered free of charge.

News14 interviewed LEARN NC staff and went to Carrboro Elementary to talk to first-grade teacher Carmen Castanet, who uses LEARN NC lesson plans in her work.

"You have kind of a database here of a lot of teachers that have just kind of given their ideas and it's incredibly valuable to have somewhere when you just are just kind of are stuck and you don't know where to go, that you can go that you can go and easily search for what it is that you need," Castanet told News14.

On a typical day 20,000 to 25,000 people visit the LEARN NC website to take advantage of the materials available there.

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