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Keith Sawyer post earns ‘Essential Read’ listing by Psychology Today

A post by Keith Sawyer, the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, about the efficacy of brain imaging has been listed as an “Essential Read” by Psychology Today. Sawyer’s article examines whether imaging is currently helpful in understanding processes within the brain.

UNC education minor flourishes

The Minor in Education has exceeded expectations, having already reached in its third year enrollment levels that had been projected for its fourth or fifth year.

25 ways to be more creative

According to Keith Sawyer, the Morgan Distinguished Professor in Educational Innovations, everyone can be more creative by taking eight incremental steps. His path of creativity is a process that can be practiced.

Dana Thompson Dorsey journal article cited by New York Times columnist

A journal article written by Assistant Professor Dana Thompson Dorsey was cited by Charles Blow, a columnist for The New York Times in a column published by the paper on Saturday, Aug. 24.

LEARN NC profiled by News14

LEARN NC, an outreach arm of the School of Education that publishes online lesson plans for teachers, was profiled by the cable television news station News14.

Sara Johnson (M.Ed. '00) describes using newspapers in reading instruction

Sara Johnson (M.Ed. ’00), a reading specialist at Phillips Middle School in Chapel Hill, writes in a column for The Chapel Hill News about how she incorporates newspapers in her instruction.