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In Education Week, Gregory Cizek weighs value of two Common Core tests

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Gregory Cizek


Education Week reports that a consortium working to establish tests for students in states employing the Common Core curricula are considering two versions of the tests: A long one and a short one. Professor Gregory Cizek was interviewed for the story.

State education chiefs who are members of the 25-member Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium are working to establish a testing approach to evaluate students’ learning under the Common Core, Education Week reports. Development of a two-option approach for testing came as some states are resisting to spending more time and money on testing.

Under the emerging approach, states would have the option of using a version of the Smarter Balanced test with sessions spanning nearly 6.5 hours in grades 3-5, close to seven hours in grades 6-8 and eight hours in high school, or a longer version that lasts about four hours longer in grades 3-8 and about five hours longer in high school.

Educators cited in the story said that while longer version of the tests would provide richer understanding of students’ learning, fiscal concerns and public antipathy toward testing are leading some states to consider the shorter version of the tests.

Cizek, professor of educational measurement and evaluation, told Education Week that longer tests may deliver higher levels of reliability and validity, but shorter versions can produce levels that are still acceptable. He said the key is to take care to make only claims about student performance that are appropriate to the validity of the assessment.

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