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A bite out of education: NC cuts in education cause concern among teaching majors

The newspaper takes a look at the state of hiring of education majors. Carolina education majors consistently enjoy success in finding jobs.

Since the 2008-09 academic year, North Carolina has eliminated almost 17,000 positions and laid off more than 6,000 employees in its public schools, the newspaper reported. Of the positions cut, 35 percent was teachers and 33 percent teaching assistants.

“The reality is that we all know there aren’t as many jobs as there were a year or two ago,” Kara GrawOzburn, assistant director of student affairs at the School of Education, told the DTH.

Despite the drop, GrawOzburn says Carolina education majors can still find jobs.
“We’ve always told people that if they’re willing to go places that aren’t necessarily their first choice, the jobs are out there,” she said.

Elaine Townsend, a senior middle grades education major, said having extra qualifications helps in the job search.

“If you’re qualified to teach a specific area that is in high demand, you’re going to get a job,” she said.