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New statistics textbook by Bill Ware published

Introductory Statistics Textbook Cover

A new statistics textbook by Bill Ware, professor of educational psychology, has been published.

The book – “Introductory Statistics: A Conceptual Approach Using R” – is aimed at undergraduate and graduate-level statistics courses in education, psychology, and other social sciences. The book is one of the first statistics texts in the social sciences using the statistical analysis software package called “R” as the principal statistical package.

The book uses a conceptual approach, built around common issues and problems rather than statistical techniques, allowing students to understand the conceptual nature of statistical procedures and to focus more on cases and examples of analysis. Presentations contain explanations of the underlying reasons behind a technique.

Ware’s co-authors are John M. Ferron of the University of South Florida and Barbara M. Miller of Elon University.

More details about the book are available here.