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Jill Hamm wins $529,000 grant

Photo of Jill Hamm

Jill Hamm


Jill Hamm, associate professor of educational psychology, has won a $529,000 four-year grant from the William T. Grant Foundation for a project to evaluate whether a professional development program can improve the effectiveness of teacher networks.

The project is entitled Project NTACT – Networks of Teachers Affect Children in Transition. The project will evaluate an existing intervention program called Supporting early Adolescents Learning and Social Success (SEALS), funded by the Institute of Education Sciences, which provides teachers with evidence-based strategies to grow engaging and supportive learning environments.

In the project, teams of teachers will receive consultation in implementing the SEALS strategies. The study then will measure whether team and other teacher networks facilitate or constrain changes in classroom practices.

Project NTACT will include approximately 475 teachers and 5,000 sixth-grade students from 28 middle schools in the Southeast. Soo-yong Byun of Pennsylvania State University is co-principal investigator on the project.